Your Life is About to Change Are World Events Adding Up Yet (843)

I talk about a lot of different things on my site. All different subjects but every time I talk about GSM I never get any comments, I get very very few likes yet it is probably one of the most important subject matters that I cover when it comes to existential survival in the future?? I DON’T GET IT? 

I’ll keep posting but you need to start PAYING ATTENTION or you going to find yourself in some deep SHIT and no way out – I’m talking within the next year or 2 – I’m not talking about in 10 years!! don’t say I didn’t tell your Ass!

Published on Jun 18, 2019

NASA comes out with a shocking announcement that starting in 2020 we will experience the lowest solar activity in 200 years, and global temperatures will drop. With this jet stream will shift creating new precipitation patterns and volcanic eruptions will cause even more of a feed back loop intensifying cooling and global crop losses.

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