Plutonium Trojan Horse in the Body

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Thursday, February 26th, 2015

As a nuclear accident victim with multiple symptomologies and present day and ongoing health issues that you speak about here I feel this is an extremely critical work. I thank you personally for compiling this article  albeit from the 2015 Archives it’s current validity cannot be argued. if this is the kind of stuff that you have in your archives I would dare say your Archives warrant a serious review – “there’s gold in them thar Hills boys!” 😉

I only read the article itself I haven’t delved into the links supplied but I will be doing that overtime. You guys already know this subject is very close to me and of keen interest at all times. This article is well-organized, well written and deeply researched and I commend you for that. Thank you for your work. Personally, I think this article should gain you one of the following benefits – if not all of them. 😊😎👀

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Plutonium shares some important similarities with biologically important trivalent transition metals, especially iron. This could have importance from a material science point of view, as well.

Plutonium tricks cells by ‘pretending’ to be iron
By Jared Sagoff July 8, 2011

Plutonium gets taken up by our cells much as iron does,…

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University have identified a new biological pathway by which plutonium finds its way into mammalian cells. The researchers learned that, to get into cells, plutonium acts like a ‘Trojan horse,’ duping a special membrane protein that is typically responsible for taking up iron.

This discovery may help enhance the safety of workers who deal with plutonium, as well as show the way to new ‘bio-inspired’ approaches for separating radioactive elements from other metals in used nuclear fuel.

Because the bodies of mammals have evolved no natural ability to recognize plutonium—the element was first produced in 1941—scientists were curious to know the cellular mechanisms responsible for its retention in the body. The researchers exposed adrenal cells from rats to minute quantities of plutonium to see how the cells accumulated the radioactive material.



  1. He’ll the US. the UK are not even testing – as long as the original and required “tested in Japan – approved for consumption” prior to shipping that stamp appears on the bag US won’t even test. The whole world is suffering from Radionuclide Dementia!

  2. This is very different. The dose coefficients tell you if you eat so many becquerels of whatever or inhale so many, how many sieverts or millisieverts it is. And, from there, you can calculate risk. The dose coefficient-risk of each radionuclide varies according to various things. For instance, your long-lived radionuclides shoot off radiation (becquerels) less frequently than the shorter-lived ones. But, then they are in the environment longer. As you know the alpha, beta, gamma, all have different impacts. Apart from half life of the radionuclide, there is half-life within the body. If you ingest contaminated materials it will eventually leave, but in a totally contaminated environment it will stay steady-state. While some leave the body quickly, plutonium may stay in the body for 40 years and rotate around, often in the liver, however. There is risk according to age. For instance, if you are in growth spurts then you take in more strontium. As you age, if your bones break down, some of the radionuclides will get back into the body system. It’s easy to calculate for ingestion but more difficult for air. And, then there are all of the radionuclides which are likely in the food and water, along with the ones they test for. I never learned the CPM. It’s difficult enough to work with becquerels and sieverts and millisieverts, rems, mrem, etc. The US is still using curies, which adds another kink. Instead of becquerels per liter, they use things like microcuries per gram. It’s easy to screw up all of the conversions and the screw ups can be major. My geiger is in microsieverts, which also gives me an intuitive feel. Yes, it’s depressing. If no one is going to do anything, anyway, why bother. You can calculate the risk of a hot particle in your shoe, but why bother. Better to stay as happy as you can and pray that your immune system picks up any damaged cells in time. For cancer risk, per 100 mSv, there is around a 1 to 3% chance of cancer, according to BEIR, but it may be much higher based on recent research. This, of course, is in large populations – 1 to 3% of the exposed get cancer. What makes me depressed is them selling Fukushima rice as organic.

    • They got tired of shipping rice and having it returned back to Port so they finally decided they were going to turn it all into sake and start exclusive sake bars all over the world. The first one is in New York City that’s the trial balloon. You can go there and pay way too much for a glass of poison sake and eat sushi all night LOL. I’m hearing Rumblings on the internet about boycotting the 20/20 nolympics I hope that’s the case because that would be mass murder if they’re allowed to do that that would be mass murder on a global scale!

      • It won’t be returned from the English speaking world. They take 1000 to 1500 Bq/kg of radiation in food which is 10 to 15 x more than allowed in Japan and they have Japan on the honor system. The Haitians, Taiwanese, South Koreans and Chinese don’t want their poison, and the Europeans want the Japanese standard for Japanese food, but the English speaking world is being murdered by their government. The UK, US, Canada, Australia, NZ. Ireland, I’m not sure. They are probably using the Euro standards. Within the EU they take 600 Bq/kg as a general rule. Sweden has even higher amounts for reindeer meat.

  3. One thing which I think comes out of this is the importance of taking your vitamins and minerals, and staying well nourished. It offers the hope that sometimes if given the choice the body will prefer the good vitamin or mineral over the bad. They have found this true for plants. Plants in deficient soils take up radiation at higher levels. I think the reason KI pills are in that form is that the K (potassium) helps protect against Cesium, while the I helps protect against radioactive iodine.

    Since I left the US I found in my condition is no longer deteriorating anywhere near the rake that it was while I was there although I still have problems cropping up with internal systems at are not unexpected they seem to be episodic and not permanent 100% of the time. So I think I got an extension for now, how long I have – no idea. My worst nightmare is having played guitar for 40 years I found it when I play more than 30 minutes at a time my hand start cramping to the extreme swear I can’t even play anymore for the whole rest of the day. Very disappointed.

    BTW – personal opinion only but I think you guys archives are awesome especially on the nuclear side I’ll try to reblog every post I see on that subject but it’s something you might want to review in terms of your archives. I think the timing is much better post Fukushima then before 2011.

    • Just to clarify, you can’t take much potassium except under the supervision of a doctor, because it can be dangerous. It needs to be in proper balance. But, without potassium you die. Therein is one of the major crimes of caesium discharges and why it can lead to heart failure and nerve dysfunction. The only hope is if your body can distinguish between caesium and potassium where given the choice. And, proper nutrition which is hopefully caesium free or low caesium. I worry that sea salt probably has caesium, but it’s hard to avoid in health foods. Fukushima rice is being sold as organic, too. However, fear can kill you too, by causing the immune system to break down. We need that immune system to kill and scavenge the cancerous cells before too late.

      Yeah, I haven’t found a potassium supplement I trust yet but I do the same thing with magnesium niacin and calcium. I buy the recommended dosage pills and then I only take one every other day and I swallow with much difficulty thinking will this be my last day of taking my supplements – but I have to take them I really have no choice and neither do you.. I figure I’m dead man walking anyway 😉😋😊😎

    • Here is a valuable tool for you that I refer to all the time. It’s an interactive periodic table that has all the Isotopes all the daughters and all the actinides. You simply click on the one you want to know more about and it expands into that subject matter. Excellent learning tool and great for researching radioactive isotopes. BTW, there are over 36 different versions of iodine Isotopes and actinides,131 is the least of your worries however iodine 133 has a half-life a 15.7 million years that’s the one you don’t want in your thyroid gland LOL.

      Study for a while and play with this tool I found it to be invaluable to my education on radiation and all of his cousins and Families of which there are over 3,000 and they’re still counting they still haven’t counted them all yet, what the f*** imagine that? They just found a version of technetium99 that last longer than the universe is old and that’s only the half life! Let me know if you find this helpful to you and the rest of your staff.

      I did a cursory check as far as I can see if public domain so use it and share it freely.

      • Thanks. The I 131 is more powerful per shot, than the long lived I 129. The first can give you cancer quickly and the last later. They rarely count the I 129, which comes with the I 131. It’s all too terrible. There’s lots of the long-lived iodine still from weapons testing, alone. Too bad that there were people who had nothing better to do than invent these things! Now the challenge is to develop containment. I still believe a self-healing material is possible. I need to go back to arguing that point with someone who could put my ideas into action.

  4. Thanks for your kind words. At the time it seemed to get little attention, which just shows you never know. I thought it was important and was disappointed. It’s been on a roll lately for whatever reason. In that time period, I wanted to help give people tools that they could work with in case all information became suppressed. Yes, I spent around 80 hours per week on nothing but nuclear related things for a long time, though much of the research didn’t get posted for lack of time. A lot was done as a rolling blog. But, when my tech expert found the Russian government snooping in my “Ongoing Saga” rolling blog, which I thought was kind of private for followers, I started doing new posts each day. There is some good stuff in “Ongoing Saga” series which I probably should extract and repost, too, though that was the focus of Radioactive Reindeer.

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