Radioactive Reindeer; Nuclear Guinea Pigs: Part IX of a series

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Saturday, May 3rd 2014

Most recent update: Saturday, 24 May 2014 This post continues here: It is a continuation of:
Previous posts should be read before drawing conclusions, as to the content. The following post is related:
Alpha radiation tracks (Hi LET) in typical star pattern in lymph node..plutonium, Los Alamos Sci, no 23, 1995
(High-LET), Alpha particles from plutonium:
The image … is an autoradiograph of a tracheobronchial lymph node from a former worker at the Laboratory. It shows alpha tracks radiating in a typical star pattern from tiny alpha-active clumps of matierial. Chemical analyses of the radioisotopes in this individual’s lungs and lymph nodes indicated that those clumps most likely consisted of an aggregate of plutonium particles.” (pp. 234-235, James McInroy, “True Measure of Exposure“, Los Alamos Science, No. 23, 1995 (Emphasis our own).

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