The Dead Ocean: A Yachtsman Describes The Pacific’s Devastation Oct 23, 2013 | Blog, News

For some reason I’m having a hard time finding the autobiographical version of this story as spoken by the yachtsman himself. But this is sort of a synopsis. An in-your-face proof that the Pacific Ocean is dead, the bioluminescence no longer exists in the Pacific Ocean – the entire food chain from bottom to top has collapsed including the salmon runs out of the Pacific Northwest Columbia River basin. It’s very scary.

Every now and then, we come across an article, story, or video that moves us so much that we feel compelled to share it with our loyal followers. That happened the other day when we found this article, “The Ocean is Dead” by Greg Ray from The Newcastle Herald.

IvanMacfadyenWe’ve posted about this before (Trash’s Deadly Impact: Midway Island, North Pacific Ocean), and although the contents of this article are by no means new to us, it’s always impactful when we read another’s account of the devastation our society has had on our world’s oceans.


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