Dumping Radioactive Food from Japan on the World-Why the TPP is a Pending Disaster

I said back in 2014 the ‘being proposed’ upcoming TPP deal that was being suggested – was just a way of getting radioactive food into the world market – that’s why it was so Secret! It was SO Secret that even if you are a signing Nation to the treaty you only got to see the part of the treaty that you signed – you couldn’t see what anybody else signed or what they were doing – only YOUR part could be seen by YOU!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Economist Robert Reich has laid out the more general dangers of the TPP Trade Agreement in his recent piece “Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a Pending Disaster” (see page bottom).

However, the biggest risk is that it will allow Japan to dump all of its radioactive food on much of the world. In particular, 10 to 15 times more radiation is allowed in food in the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand than in Japan. The US has the weakest “standards” of all, allowing food to have around 1,200 – 1,500 Becquerels per kg [1], i.e. 1,200-1,500 radioactive emissions per second per kg, compared to 100 Bq/kg in Japan. (A kg is 2.2 pounds.) The amount allowed in Japan for children is even less than 100 Bq.

The TPP will allow Japan to more easily export radioactive metal products, as well. It is also a back door to allow Japan to export radioactive food and goods to Europe. Unlike most of the English speaking world, Europe got wise to Japan’s radioactive food export plot and only accepts Japanese food with 100 Bq/kg of radiation, even though the European “standard” is at 600 Bq/kg.”



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