Food Insecurity-Hunger in the United States

I have been posting about this issue for years now but nobody ever hears me. Maybe this will make some sense to you – don’t miss this, this is the way it is SINCE YESTERDAY!!.

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The media and members of what is supposed to be the US Congress have a lot to say about poor immigrants at the border. But, they have little to nothing to say about the poor and hungry who are already living in the United States, many of whose ancestors arrived hundreds of years ago, often by force. Even though they are voters, their own so-called representatives seem to care more for non-voting non-Americans. This has become absurd to the point of obscenity. Without food banks, food stamps, and school lunches, the situation would be even more dire.
Food Insecurity by Household Characteristics
The prevalence of food insecurity varied considerably among household types. Rates of food insecurity were higher than the national average (11.8 percent) for the following groups:
* All households with children (15.7 percent),
* Households with children under age 6 (16.4 percent),
* Households with…

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