Kamala Harris’ Uncle Works For Think Tank Funded By India’s Ministry Of Defence; Advises India On Nuclear Matters

I told you, Kamala Harris is a liar, seems I’m not the only one that thinks so either here’s a little bit of History I bet you didn’t know from this Nuclear Crime Syndicate supporting Bitch! She’s actually Indian and so is her whole fuckin’ family! So I don’t know why she got on the stage the other day and beat Joe Biden up “because she was black and had to be bused to a white neighborhood” – it was a lie she is NOT BLACK and all that hurtful cryin’ and Shit was all a Fuckin’ LIE – that’s what Kamala Harris is – A LIAR!  last night she was attacking Biden as though she was ‘Queen Sissy-DumbAss Doofus💩🐷

Monday, May 6th, 2019

Why did Kamala Harris tell Joe Biden that her uncle is a journalist and mathematician (2:20 on video)? She didn’t think it a good idea to point out that her uncle works for an Institute funded by India’s Ministry of Defence? US secrets going directly to India, through family ties? Americans need to stop being so naive. Her uncle Gopalan Balachandran is to the left.

This looks like the same person, he has the same name as her uncle, both live in New Delhi, and more than one news reports state that Kamala’s uncle works for the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses.

US secrets going directly to India, through family ties? Kamala Harris’ uncle works for a think tank, the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, which is funded by India’s Ministry of Defence. It provides training for the Government of India’s civilian and military personnel. His area of expertise seems to be nuclear. He is or was a Consultant for the Americas Division of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, as well. This is the Americas Division of the Ministry of External Affairs for India. Her grandfather was a Government of India diplomat, too.



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  1. Thanks for the reblog and comments! That’s what initially bothered me the most. She reminds me of a Tamil I knew who pretended to be black and tricked almost everyone. That person was actually promoting segregation of races and gender. Plus that Montreal neighborhood where she lived is very elite and English speaking (Anglophone). The Anglophone were oppressors of the French speaking majority up until they had their own Civil Rights movement in the 1960s called the Tranquille Revolution, and many of the Anglophone went to Toronto. Her mother worked at Jewish hospital in Montreal, which is English speaking, and at the elite English speaking university McGill. Digging into her pedigree I found the additional information, which even I find jaw-dropping.

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