SOCCER Purple-Haired Lesbian Goddess Flattens France Like A Crêpe Lauren Theisen Yesterday 5:06pm Filed to: MEGAN RAPINOE

Soccer sometimes known as football it’s not as popular in America as it is around the entire rest of the fuckin’ world – but but for now we’ll put that piece of ignorama aside -the US does have something to be excited about and proud of. MEGAN RAPINOE – who plays the midfield/winger position on the Seattle Reign FC , in the Womens National Soccer League. She single-handedly beat the French team in the current FIFA Womens World Cup. Follow the link below for much more on this US Soccer Team phenom.  😳😒😯😮😝😬😋😜😊👍👀

Megan Rapinoe has spent this week enduring Swiss-cheese brained criticism from some powerful haters, but today, after the USWNT’s 2-1 victory over France, there can be no slander against her. Rapinoe scored the first two goals of the game—and the only ones for the U.S.—as she piloted her national team through their toughest opponent of the World Cup.

Rapinoe’s night began in perfect fashion before five minutes even had gone by in the game. On a free kick from a tight angle, Rapinoe took advantage of all the traffic in front of Sarah Bouhaddi, sending the ball low and through a sea of legs to beat the French goalkeeper.


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