Joe Biden Drops But Most See Him As Best Bet Against Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The ONLY REASON KAMALA is where she is is because she played DIRTY – like the dirty ‘bitch’ that she is and always has been!
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Published on Jul 2, 2019

Joe Biden may still be leading the 2020 Democratic field, but his approval numbers have dropped since May, according to the latest CNN/SSRS poll. Biden is down 10 points to just 22 percent, with Sen. Kamala Harris up nine points to 17 percent.


  1. Cool thanks for that I will read that short Weber synopsis probably tomorrow thanks a lot for that. By the way there’s more coming stay tuned.. LOL 😝😜

  2. Thanks for telling it like it is! She may think she was reincarnated to be president at all costs! I wonder if her sister Maya Harris worked to make Hillary’s message suck, so she would lose. Kamala refused to prosecute Mnuchin, after all. Hillary said “let’s all get along” while Trump talked economy. People don’t want to get along with people who steal their jobs. The owner of Arcelor Mittal steel – ?Laksmi? Mittal thinks that he was reincarnated to be rich. Not a joke. I’ve seen these fraudsters before. They smile while they steal your job, etc. I have a (blogging) plan. By the way, Trump and Murdoch are both Presbyterians so they may think that they were predestined to be rich, which is just as bad as being reincarnated to be rich. Trump’s preacher was Norman Vincent Peale (Art of Positive Thinking). If you haven’t heard of Weber’s “Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” read a short summary.

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