Sketchy Kazakh Money Finds Its Way Into President Donald Trump’s Dealings | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

A good friend of mine a US veteran – Marine retired 20 years active duty – used to work in San Francisco for a  Construction company named BayRock. This company used to pay him – CASH -$40 to $50 an hour as an exempt independent employee as long as he showed up to work 6 days a week 10 hours a day. I asked him I said how in the fuck are you – as a sheetrock guy – making $40 to $50 an hour tax free at a construction company in San Francisco named BayRock? He said, he didn’t know, he didn’t care and he wasn’t asking any questions. His employment there went on for a long time three four years until he had family issues that he had to leave and go out of town to his family because a family member was very ill. Now, I wonder if this wasn’t Felix Sater and the BayRock company affiliated with the Trumpanzee?

I lost contact with him a number of years ago and he never came back to San Francisco so I’m sure that if he had an opportunity to return to San Francisco and that job that he certainly would have done that. But alas we are no longer in touch so I will never know for sure who’s this fuckin’ company actually was except the name BayRock! The whole thing sounds like a  ‘shell game ‘ and a money laundering scheme to launder tens of millions of dollars through a construction company that built custom Condominiums for the rich Elite in San Francisco. All supported by the San Francisco County “Brown Machine” which was later passed on to the new mayor the personal anointed mayor by Willie Brown – one Gavin Newsom!

Published on Jan 17, 2018

Rachel Maddow reports on three stories from Kazakhstan where corrupt schemes took lots of money out of the country, with some of it ended up in Trump business circles.


  1. Maybe this one?
    200032210014    BAYROCK RESIDENTIAL, LLC
    Registration Date:
    Entity Type:
    Agent for Service of Process:
    130 NOVA DR
    PIEDMONT CA 94610
    Entity Address:
    130 NOVA DR
    PIEDMONT CA 94610
    Entity Mailing Address:
    130 NOVA DR
    PIEDMONT CA 94610
    LLC Management
    One Manager
    Cali doesn’t allow going directly from this link, so you have to go thru open corporates. Once you get in the official Cali site there are links to the original documents which give one more name. Cancellation was December 30 2016, according to open corporates. There are over 30 BayRock cos in Cali alone and over 300 in the open corporate data base.✓

    The timeline sounds right:

    Some states have more transparency and you can get a lot of info. Florida is actually fairly transparent, too. The trouble is the whole registered agent thing. Delaware you have to sign up and pay, if I recall correctly.

    Somehow there are more oligarchs than you can shake a stick at!

  2. We may know one day! Students building nuclear power stations with no construction experience were getting paid around $20 per hour in the 1970s, I heard back in the day. Maybe this is why construction has paid well, because it was mafia.

    • I truly think that this was a Yuri Milner company. Not only was this guy getting paid cash and the amounts that he was I asked him why he never put it in the bank account to which he replied he didn’t Trust Banks for that amount of cash. There’s got to be something wrong with that picture! Again, I haven’t the time to research it more thoroughly to find out. If only I had access to Lexis Nexis or Dun & Bradstreet I can probably start there but I have no access to either. And government statistics annoy the s*** out of me because they want you to sign up, make an account, register and for certain data it’s behind a government pay wall. So f*** them!

      • I want send an email to the EPA asking them where I can find certified radioisotope free food products. Their response to me was they don’t f****** work for me and if I wanted to know that kind of information I should hire a f****** consultant! F*** them. I still have the email on their letterhead here somewhere I should probably dig it out and publish it, maybe I’ll do that one day soon because that really pissed me off!

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