ARGENTINA | 22-06-2019 09:14 China eyes Argentina in global nuclear roll-out Costs, emissions and safety at stake as Argentina and China look set to seal a nuclear power deal.

I really hope Argentina changes it’s mind with  it’s future energy development. They were first in South America back in the middle 70s to run an operating nuclear reactor. For me that was such a big disappointment, but now they have the opportunity to lead the rest of South America away from nuclear by heading to Renewables in a big way. We just have to keep China and Russia out of the fuckin’ mix and I’m sure they’ll make the right decision!

In the midst of economic and political uncertainty, Argentina has doubled down on a major Chinese nuclear power deal. The new plant in Buenos Aires province will help meet Argentina’s energy needs with the support of Chinese technology and finance.

With China looking to ramp up its nuclear power exports and countries seeking low-carbon electricity, the project in Argentina could represent the beginning of a China-led renaissance. However, concerns over nuclear power’s cost and safety continue to plague it.


Four years after formally agreeing to its construction, Argentina is moving forward with the Atucha III plant that will likely become operational in 2021.


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