Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake Is Not Mission Capable Until Further Notice Due To Earthquakes

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Monday, July 8th 2019

I have one question and one statement. Q – are they running any small scale “research reactors” at that entire facility complex? And my statement would be: I know there are ingredients for medium to large explosive and propulsion testing but are any of those nuclear – have they breached a nuclear storage facility or containment area? They’re sure acting like it!! And WHY a 7.1 quake centered nowhere near a known fault system capable of generating a quake that large? Either this is a horrible accident or hey did something REALLY STUPID to cause it!! I suspect the latter. There is an awfully strong language to keep even employees away got to be super critical serious!

Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake
July 7, 2019, NAWSCL is not mission capable until further notice. The base continues to assess damages to infrastructure aboard the installation and continues to allow access for MISSION ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL ONLY; however, security protocols remain in effect. Safety of personnel is currently the highest priority. NBVC and its surrounding area is the preferred location for authorized evacuation on the basis of Installation Support Services
NAWSCL access remains MISSION ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL ONLY. DO NOT attempt to access the installation unless you are mission essential personnel.
Basic services such as water and power have been restored in most areas of the base. MISSION ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL are directed to use the VIEWEG gate located off Rowe Road and located east of the Ridgecrest Marriott and Hampton Inn Hotels. If you have a SPECIFIC inquiry regarding access while the installation is mission essential please contact the Emergency Operations Center Force Protection Section Chief … or China Lake Police Department Watch Commander… (phone #s at original)


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