Officials: Billionaire Epstein Arrested In Connection With Sex Trafficking | MSNBC

“JeffRape EpicSheenDick” – (try saying that real fast three times, lol) case of ‘the Teflon dick’ is back in court under charges in New York and Florida for a long list of sex charges. I know you know if they let him out on bail, that’s the last you’ll see of him – Case Closed – that’s the way it always goes. So we’ll see what happens at the bail hearing! What a Fuckin’ scumbag and so is that  Fuckin’ Dershowitz D-bag mxtherfxka!!!

Published on Jul 7, 2019

Law enforcement sources say billionaire businessman Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested in connection with federal sex trafficking allegations, as first reported by the Daily Beast. This comes on the heels of an investigation by the Miami Herald’s Julie Brown, who joins MSNBC’s David Gura.


    • My guess is it’s a billionaire club if you’re a billionaire you’ve been there if you’re not you haven’t it’s that simple that’s why most politicians couldn’t play because they’re not billionaire is there not a member of that club they couldn’t get in the door. I would say a vast majority of billionaires and a large minority of royalty have all played his games at his castles more than once. Which also protects him against prosecution they can’t prosecute him without Prosecuting everybody that I just mentioned so that’s why he’ll never go to prison – that ain’t going to happen – forget about it.. HE IS going to get away scot-free watch what I tell you!!! The whole reason Trump never got in was because he’s not a billionaire – he wasn’t allowed to play and he hated it.. 👀😆😝😜😎

      • I believe that he is using this for entrapment and control of politicians and the political process. I believe that Trump is involved with Epstein in using this sort of tactic to control politicians. Every Trump phone number is in that book. I spent a lot of time pouring over the book, I just didn’t get the post up. I believe that Epstein’s mysterious source of wealth is shaking people down after entrapping them. Some think that it is a Mossad operation. Roger Stone is a similar character. I believe that two Clinton assistants – also in the book and later fired – were part of a scheme to entrap the Clintons. I believe that Trump buying a golf course, just for Clinton to golf, was part of the process, as well. They push to one level below whatever is tolerated. Once homosexuality became acceptable, they turn to pedophilia for entrapment. Roy Cohn is alleged to have used these same tactics in a so-called Blue room suite at a hotel later bought by Trump.

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