US vs. Jeffrey Epstein Indictment; Epstein Arrested Saturday Evening While Returning From Paris; Faces Up To 45 Years in Jail

MiningAwareness original post; Monday, July 8th 2019

KUDOS to your whole team, you guys push all the right buttons and pull all the right levers – GREAT WORK! I find myself slowing down a bit on my posts just to try to ‘read’ yours as much as possible. I know MOSTLY YOUTUBERS who don’t mind my placing my opinions in their comments but their comments don’t get a lot of traction because they’re YouTube-platform specific. After all, it’s the video they are posting which gets the lion-share of traction. But I’ll see what I can do currently. It’s been 2 years since I really checked that premise for reality.

I predict the Judge will accept a $1BN Bank Secured Bond and release the Asshole – never to be seen in the US again – any bets!?

Under the section FORFEITURE, I never saw the word PASSPORT!!?? 👀😠😡😜😎

As unsealed Monday, July 8, 2019:
US vs Epstein
(Sex Trafficking Conspiracy)
The Grand Jury charges:

1. As set forth herein, over the course of many years, JEFFREY EPSTEIN, the defendant, sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls at his homes in Manhattan, New york, and Palm Beach, Florida, among other locations.

2. In particular, from at least in or about 2002, up to and including at least in or about 2005, JEFFREY EPSTEIN, the defendant, enticed and recruited, and caused to be enticed and recruited, minor girls to visit his mansion in Manhattan, New York (the “New York Residence”) to engage in sex acts with him, after which he would give the victims hundreds of dollars in cash…” Read the entire indictment, below. See news conference at blog post bottom.

This is very major. Prominent figures in Epstein’s alleged “Little Black Book” of phone numbers include Trump, as well as Henry Kissinger. Please note that this post/topic is inappropriate for minors, however that is defined where you live. For older minors, ask your parents to read and determine if this is appropriate (i.e. parental guidance). For adults, it is up to you to figure out how to convey the information necessary, in an appropriate way, to help female and male minors protect themselves from sexual predators. The FBI has put out a call for additional victims. Epstein was arrested on Saturday evening, while returning from Paris. He is considered a major flight risk and will be hopefully kept in jail facing trial. He faces up to 45 years in prison, if found guilty. These are Grand Jury charges, meaning that they are well-founded. Nonetheless, they remain “allegations”, pending trial. The other major trial, which may even be related, is the trial of Roger Stone, later this year. Both Epstein and Roger Stone appear to have been using this sort of thing for control of politicians and ultimately the political process.



  1. Thanks for all of the reblogs. And, your comments. You often say what I think and dare not say, or lack the energy/words to say. I’m always anxious to read your thoughts. I’m sure that you give voice to many others.

      • Again, thank you for your support. I would have to agree with everything you said about manipulation of politicians and law enforcement too – even Judiciary in cases like the Wilbur debacle.. which does, since you mentioned it, make me wonder – Where does his income originate? How is he a Billionaire? What the fuck does he do to EARN INCOME – DID HE EVER PAY TAXES? I say you nailed it – BRIBE EVERYONE ELSE INTO SUBMISSION!! Does he even OWN or know how to use a computer.. LOLROTF??? WHO IS JeffRape EpicSheenDick ANYWAY?? Looks like ‘Queen Sissy-DumbAss Doofus, the scumsucking bottomdwelling Liar-in chief, megalomaniacal, psychopathic sociopath💩🐷’ is running things with “Lootin Putins” direction, philosophy and playbook! Is JeffRape Russian? LOL

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