How Kamala Harris Made Her Millions

I’m not a fan of hers this is simply an expose!
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Published on Jul 8, 2019

In a field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates with no shortage of money, Sen. Kamala Harris and her husband stand out. The California Democrat and her spouse, lawyer Douglas Emhoff, reported about $1.9 million in adjusted gross income for last year, according to tax returns released earlier this year.

Their 2018 haul more than doubles the next-highest earning candidate in the 2020 primary field, out of those who have released returns. Former Vice President Joe Biden, who reportedly has made millions since leaving office in 2017, has not yet released his returns.Β  More..Β



  1. I’m worried because Kamala sounds too good. She’s too smart. She got her father’s high IQ, I fear, and maybe learned too much from him. Her uncle in India sounds pretty smart too. Notice she put brown lipstick and either got a tan or put on makeup to make her look darker skinned than she often does. If I didn’t know better, I would want to vote for her:


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