NBC: Migrant Kids Report, Misconduct By Agents At Arizona Border Station | The Last Word | MSNBC

I broke a duplicate story a day and a half  – almost 2 days ago as well as the trafficking aspect at the southern border They are pulling thousands of teenage girls and preteen girls (not boys) out of these places  on the border and shipping them off to different states around the United States! For what reason – what else could it be – GOVERNMENT SPONSORED CHILD TRAFFICKING/PANDERING AND PROSTITUTION! 😳😫😩😠😡💩

United States is now a disgusting, depraved place full of Freaks, Dysfunctional Sociopaths, Degenerate D-bags and Psychopaths. Don’t take my Fuckin’ word for it just look at the Fuckin’ news everyday! NO WHERE YOU WANT TO VISIT OR LIVE!!

Published on Jul 10, 2019

An exclusive NBC News report details how migrant children held in a border station in Yuma, Arizona, told government investigators about unsanitary, overcrowded conditions, retaliation from border agents and an alleged sexual assault of a teenage girl. Julia Ainsley discusses her reporting with Lawrence O’Donnell. Rep. Judy Chu and Rep. Nanette Barragán, who recently visited border facilities, also join.

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