EDITOR NOTE: I have previously published this link to a FREE searchable PDF of the FULL MUELLER REPORT as it is available today..

With the Mueller testimony coming up next week in open session in Congress next Wednesday the 17th I thought it may be a good idea to publish again this FREE downloadable, word searchable PDF of the entire Mueller Report..

I RECOMMEND YOU BOOKMARK IT FOR HISTORY SAKE SO YOU HAVE ACCESS WHENEVER YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT IT. ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ IT BUT WOULD LIKE TO BEGIN TO GET FAMILIAR WITH IT FOR THE HEARINGS. I will post the link again below for reference.. and as you know me by not, I do not ask for anything on this Blog – it is 100% FREE – but I will this one time ask that you SHARE, SHARE, SHARE and LIKE, LIKE, LIKE this report because it is HISTORICAL in both content and gravity! It may change our entire DEMOCRACY forever!!


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