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Mainstream Science is now agreeing with the Electric Universe theorem via academic, peer-reviewed papers that say magnetic reversals happen about every 10-12K years  and are very bad for our planet and our lives – they are extinction-level events! We just happen to have been born at a time when our Solar System was in a “quiet space” within the Solar Electric Field – periodically, the Solar System is an extremely violent place to live! The fact that the GSM and our Polar Magnetic Excursion are happening right now would indicate that they are related and play well together periodically – about every 300-400yrs; and every 10-12Kyrs encompassing the shorter periods. Some of us will DEFINITELY be around to witness both together this time around. A VEI 6-8 volcanic eruption will be your panic button telling you that it has begun!! This is survivable with proper preparation – that is why we are still alive on the planet – but it does take preparation, planning and BIG CAHONES because it will be a major human population extinction – think 50-75% and possibly a higher percentage of the rest of the biosphere!. It has happened before – many times – and it is about to happen again probably in your lifetime; just look at the global solar minimum weather patterns and crop losses TODAY!

Published on Jul 14, 2019

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Read all about this subject at:  https://magneticreversal.org/

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