Storm Barry Washing Away U.S Agricultural Output (852)

I have been warning for at least 3 years – first on my FB site before they fucked me – and now on this site. GSM is already HERE PEOPLE! Just pay attention to what is no longer available in your supermarkets and all the things that you would not buy because they are looking sickly and non-edible; corn, checked on the price of a box of corn flakes lately?, bread the same, fresh veggies and especially fruits no longer looking edible if they’re even available at all, then there are canned and frozen foods that are disappearing off of inventory.

NOW – for today all the fields up and down the mississippi are flooded and have not yet been planted for next year BUT NOW Storm Barry is going to ‘kill off’ everything that had made it out of the budding stage and into the growth stage – that will ALL be dead once the water levels go back down which means NO CROPS AT ALL this year and the Silos of stored product are moldy and inedible due to flooding, mold and mildew!! For all of you that never graduated the 5th grade – food doesn’t come from the supermarket it comes from farmers who deliver it to the supermarket!! Real food shortages begin this winter and will worsen all the way through next summer in the northern hemisphere – I say again.. GET FUCKIN’ PREPARED – OR ELSE. You will not like the else – it is an ugly, VERY UGLY “ELSE”!!

Published on Jul 14, 2019

Tropical Storm Barry forecast to be a rainmaker and drop 6-10 inches of rain on already soaked and flooded US farmland. This time though it is happening in the pollination period for rice so that is expected to take a hit as well. Mississippi will hit massive flood stage again delaying barge traffic and this will ruin many fields with newly emerged corn. Another and possibly final blow to US 2019 agriculture.

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