Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns Causing mass extinction of marine mammals animals sea life

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All Whale species stranding beaching die offs now accelerating all mammals seals sea lions bird wrecks aka die off are accelerating . I believe strongly its time to fight for the future before its snatched away like the emaciated whales seals sea lions dolphins washing up on your shores , wake up and smell the dead carcasses.

The nuclear industry has distinguish itself as a plague and direct threat to all life on earth . At what point will your loving academics admit nuclear war aka nuclear fallout is bad . Are we going to wait for all 8 million species to disappear before we have a real conversation about nuclear fallout . Are knucklehead professors at your university’s ever a part of the solution or will their legacy be patsy for nuclear monsters like the IAEA . Again for the 3rd night in a row I try to scrape the surface of the endless headlines of emaciated marine animals all downplayed by your vicious anti human hateful so called media .

I apologize for caring about their deaths I apologize for refusing to give up I apologize for not being able to succeed and making a stand , I know that makes me a weirdo to care but I do not fell like a weirdo I feel desperate and helpless and alone when I should be encouraged to fight for the animals and your future being =snuffed out by public relation firms with endless budgets to destroy any Opposition to their extinction parade .

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