Kellyanne Conway Defies US Congressional Oversight Subpoena; Contempt Vote Announced; Will She Be Sent To Jail?

Here is what I have to say to the DC Elites! If you DO NOT want a nickname, if you DO NOT want to be destroyed on MY PAGE, if you DO NOT have the sense enough to LAY LOW and SHUT THE FUCK UP – THEN I AM GONNA “FRY YOUR ASS” UP AND DOWN, INSIDE AND OUT AND THROUGH AND THROUGH! NOW – MY FAVORITE HAG, “KELLYANNE CUMSTAIN” HAS STEPPED INTO THE SHIT AGAIN – OK BITCH! LET’S DANCE!

We all know you are a misanthropic, megalomaniacal, psycho-bitch with a mouth that won’t quit. But YOU CANNOT WIN THIS ONE! GO HOME AND FROM NOW ON BE SURE “BRAIN IS ENGAGED BEFORE PUTTING MOUTH IN GEAR” — DUMBASS BITCH! YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE TO THE LAW – AND CERTAINLY NOT FROM ME!!!!! 😳😠😡😖😆😝😜😎

“As predicted Jimmy “The Brute” DiNatale’s granddaughter Kellyanne Conway was a no-show. Congressman Cummings announced a vote to hold Kellyanne in contempt, but what then? Will she be sent to jail? Jimmy “The Brute” is dead. Does she have other protection? Will Pelosi try to protect Kellyanne like Pelosi’s protecting Trump? Calling him Trump a racist is as cheap as his tweets. Will Elijah Cummings obey Pelosi? He is from Baltimore, where Pelosi’s father was Mayor and a “machine politician”, as was her brother – both named Thomas D’Alesandro.”

Kellyanne Conway Defies Committee Subpoena
Jul 15, 2019 Press Release
Chairman Cummings Announces Upcoming Contempt Vote

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