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What is “Lootin’ Putin” up to.. what the hell is going wrong with his Nukes? There is a SERIOUS PROBLEM that needs to be fixed YESTERDAY!!  “It is the second nuclear plant to have experienced power failures in the past week, according to The Moscow Times.”


A short circuit at a Russian nuclear power plant has caused three reactors to shut down, a subsidiary of state energy corporation Rosatom said.

Three of the four power-generating units at the Kalinin station, located just over 200 miles north-west of the capital Moscow, were taken offline after a transformer switch short circuited early on Thursday morning.

Rosenergoatom claimed radiation levels remained normal following the malfunction at the facility in Russia’s Tver region.

Kalinin’s first, second and fourth reactors remain down, but the third unit was still in operation on Thursday morning, according to the state-run TASS news agency.

“The radiation level at the station and surrounding territory remains without change and is in line with normal background levels,” Rosenergoatom said in a statement.


    • Well.. you know they denied Chernobyl for a week at least before admitting all of the Ukraine, Belarus, Urals, The Baltic and the EU were completely dosed with all 1,500+ daughters and actinides on the periodic radioisotope elemental charts!! Why I no longer drink single malt premium whiskey, french, alsace or german wine and NO PASTA from Italy – the Italians don’t even eat it they have to export it to sell it. Keep your geiger on at all times and logging to a database.. I do! Check out that interacttive periodic table I sent you that shows all the primary, secondary, daughters and actinides. Stay focused Putin is doing the same thing he did with Myack – deny, deny, deny!

      • Nobody said anything in North America. I only recall a lady in a health food story worrying what to do with organic apples from Germany. I had to look back and think if I had eaten maple syrup on snow before or after Chernobyl. The maple syrup was before, I concluded, but decades later it’s too late to find out. By then, ignorance is bliss.

        • I can’t remember the brand name – bertolli or something like that in a blue box. It’s italian pasta brand – all over australia, nz and south america all the supermarket pasta shelves are filled with this brand for almost the full length of the isle top to bottom. There are few – if any – competing brands, even country-specific native brands are missing or poorly represented. all the pesto, tomatoes, tomato paste, dried tomatoes, herbs like basil are all that italian brand – it’s fuckin’ amazing!! ALL Chernobyl-contaminated products. Like Japan is doing now..

          • Also the triangle of death contamination in Italy, which includes German nuclear waste sludge, and fake organic. Probably triangle of death contamination is worse than Chernobyl. Chernobyl hit the alps badly. The fallout was really splotchy. By the time I found out how contaminated Europe was, it had somewhat diminished.

          • I’ve noticed that in the southern hemisphere the north is sending all the contaminated products – especially food but also supplements/vitamins, skin creams and makeup, alcohol, spices & herbs.. you name it they are flooding the markets here with THEIR SHIT!! If I had time I could do an entire expose on the whole shit! But I don’t have either the time or resources to compile enough factual data to make a case.. WTF!! 😠😡

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