USDA Pushes Out Scientists With Relocation Ultimatum | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Of course, the courts will not let this order stand – BUT STILL! Make NO MISTAKE – this is another ploy by ‘Queen Sissy-DumbAss Doofus, the scumsucking bottomdwelling Liar-in chief, megalomaniacal, psychopathic sociopath💩🐷‘ to consolidate his KINGDOM! USDA is a giant, critical organization when it comes to keeping our food, supplements and overall health/food items.!!! Go back and finish junior high and high school, learn to read and write and START WRITING TODAY! Write what you say..? How about  a letter to your local, state or federal representative or your own neighborhood newsletter, how about editorials in your local paper or even better yet YOUR OWN BLOG! DO SOMETHIN’..!!!!!!!!!  👀😒😣😫😖😳😠😡

Published on Jul 20, 2019

Rep. Jennifer Wexton talks with Rachel Maddow about the House Science Committee’s interest in the USDA’s apparent effort to force the resignation of staff scientists with a short notice relocation of the department.

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