Bipartisan Sellout of the USA: House Passed Bill to Turn US into Colony of India by Ending Green Card Country Cap, Thus Favoring Green Cards For India; Call US Senate To Oppose Senate Bill 386

URGENT: #NOS386. Call your Senator on Monday and tell them not to vote or co-sponsor S386…..DO IT ON MONDAY


  1. This is the best article I’ve found so far about immigrants from India in politics. It’s by a Brahmin from India (ethnicity) and so a critique of fellow countrymen and women. It’s especially interesting because even though Bobby Jindal is very right wing it touches my heart how badly he does want to be seen as an American and be one. I’m probably going to be AWOL over Mueller because this is more important to me and I do think it’s linked. Apparent Kremlin operative Rand Paul has a bill which will up green cards per year by the millions. India was in the Soviet orbit and India has many more people than Russia. I’m having trouble finding updates/info on these bills.

      • This was a great video! Thanks! I counted up the homeless for the United States for 2019 and it was around 500,000 people. They couldn’t even bother to add it up – I had to add the 50 states. At the border this year the total of turned away and stopped is around 600,000. He is right that more of the foreign born are on food stamps, than native born. The uneducated foreign born are paid less than Americans and the educated foreign born are paid more! Poor guy looks like he needs SNAP himself.

        • LOL.. there were a few on that subject I could have shared with you but I thought you would enjoy that one.. 😊😎. And as you have also gathered now is that we no longer have full access to Census/population data that would help in counting ‘homeless’ as it would show more of the arcane categories like Working Homeless, ‘sheltered homeless’ and drug rehab/treatment center homeless, etc No one is even counting those categories that I am aware of – my guess is the REAL number of “HOMELESS” (all categories) is more like 7-8M and growing logarithmically per decade since 1960. NOW – Rand wants to flood the landscape with Indians — these fuckin’ assholes are crazy. If brains were dynamite the couldn’t blow their fuckin’ nose..!!

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