Trump; Kissinger; David Koch; Alan Dershowitz; Many Others In Epstein “Little Black Book” From Ca 2004

These guys – MiningAwareness – are very serious about their journalism and it is well researched, footnoted and referenced upon publication. This is by far the most comprehensive, deep and factually footnoted work on this subject/story I have seen to date!! They, in my opinion, are 2-3 steps above the level of expertise than ALL the networks, both cable and broadcast, and 99% of the acclaimed print media – Huffington, MotherJones, TimeMag, BloomfieldNews and WSJMag. READ THEIR WORK AND YOU DECIDE!


    • I’m often so ‘fiesty’ because; I feel STRONGLY about the subject matter, I’m a total amateur at journalistic composition and presentation and how to be ‘reserved’, your support puts a ‘fire’ in my furnace to dig deeper and blog more often on things left out of the ‘mainstream’ narrative and knowing that you guys are the professionals it just feels good to be able to make some kind of contribution however small. Thank you for your support.

      I have to say – as I have said before – that your reporting is extremely well researched, underneath the ‘shiny object’ surface and hard-hitting. You deserve more from your associates and colleagues in the business! Almost every post pauses me to wonder why I have not heard the truth that you speak from any other outlet with their vast resources and considerable staff? “Feet’s don’t fail me now..” LOLROTF!! 😊😎


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