Your Next SSD Might Be Slower (Thanks to QLC Flash) ANTHONY HEDDINGS @anthonyheddings JULY 22, 2019, 6:40AM EDT


OK – this post is for you advanced techies out there concerned about the “prolematic and premature” positive narrative on why the new SSD technology should be  adopted ASAP especially for mission-critical and hi-speed read/write requirements and reliability. NONE OF WHAT I JUST SAID IS TRUE.. LOL!!

Let’s start again.. SSD drives are not reliable/stable; they are not 5-sigma for mission-critical use; they should NEVER be used for PRIMARY OS DEPLOYMENT either in server OR desktop environments ESPECIALLY E-COMMERCE! THEY (SSDs) ARE FUN BECAUSE THEY ARE PORTABLE – BUT SO ARE THUMB DRIVES AND THUMB DRIVES ARE LARGER CAPACITY; MORE DURABLE AND RELIABLE AND CHEAPER AT THE REAL ESTATE LEVEL. I once ran a thumb drive – while in my pocket – through my washing machine LONG cycle using HOT water; then through the dryer for at least a half an hour on HOT. Stuck it in a USB slot and it worked FLAWLESSLY!! Try that with an HD or SSD.. LOLROTF!!

JULY 22, 2019, 6:40AM EDT

Newer isn’t always better. Recently, SSD manufacturers have begun to trade off speed and reliability in the interest of cramming more storage space into their drives. Protocols like NVMe and PCIe are getting faster, but some SSDs are going backward…


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