Food Shortages Now: How to Prepare? Dr. Anita Bailey’s COLD TIMES: Preparing for Mini Ice Age

Have you looked around closely at YOUR supermarket lately? LOOK AGAIN! This situation is even happening in California and Ohio where I have relatives and can tell you for sure – food stocks are dwindling due to this and last years crop failures!! I can not be more serious.. Grand Solar Minimum/Climate Change is a 400yr cycle – FOOD SHORTAGES AND CROP FAILURES ARE GOING TO BE REALITY!! HISTORICALLY, EMPIRES FAIL AROUND THE WORLD APPROXIMATELY EVERY 400-500 YEARS, THIS IS WHY!!

I do not sell ANYTHING on this site – it is and always will be 100% free. But there are books that you will need to teach you to survive as there WILL BE NO INTERNET TO GOOGLE!! That is the ONLY reason I included a link below for a discount sale price of Anita Bailey, Ph.D, author of COLD TIMES: Preparing for the Mini Ice Age below. I already have a copy of the eBook. I make NOTHING on the sale of her book it is for your information only!

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Christian is joined by Anita Bailey, Ph.D, author of COLD TIMES: Preparing for the Mini Ice Age, to discuss the continuing demise of modern agriculture. Now that canned food shortages have appeared nationwide, and the massive flooding in the Midwest have alerted to the public to the risks of Just-In-Time food system, more people than ever are aware — we have passed a real inflection point, and it is now more urgent than ever to prepare and start growing your own food.

COLD TIMES book: or 15% off:

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