Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Legacy — and why did he do it?

So it looks like ‘back doors’ to our Secure Internet Core devices could have begun to appear back at the birth of the internet right from the start! In the 1980s there was a surge of ‘security layers’ added to the TCP/IP Protocols and albeit at a slower rate since then as well. By the end of the 80s to become a “certified internet engineer” one had to know many times more protocols than ever previously. Part of this was due to proliferation of ‘net smart’ devices that had their own IP address and began to strain the entire IP 4.0 Protocol set – this is primarily what helped eventually lead to the advent of IP 6.0 Protocol adoption globally. So the 90s and 2000s were the worst time to be importing engineers from foreign countries at the rates they were. Immigration was totally off the charts and no good for anyone or anything the way it was implemented! It was truly THE END of the free internet we knew back in the day when they monetized and eCommerced the net for global corporations and financial exchanges!

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