When a Modern Society Turns Stone Age (857)

2023 is the date: This is the date that all the G20 countries are pegging as the FINAL year when the EU Defense Force and rapid transportation highway system has to be stabilized and operational; when the BREXIT has to be finalized and operational; when the G5 Wifi ‘crowd-control’ grid has to be completed, tested and fully operational; China’s African trans-rail system has to be completed and functional complete with shipping port operations on the coast – the rail head! In 2023 people will begin to kill neighbors for FOOD and SUPPLIES! No more global agricultural crops growing and distribution. The Grand Solar Minimum/Climate Change will NO LONGER SUPPORT HECTARE-LEVEL CROP GROWTH and DISTRIBUTION. If you are not self-supportive and fully prepped by then you become the ‘victim of society’. It’s about BEANS, BULLETS and BANDAIDS by 2023 – IF THAT LONG?

Published on Jul 24, 2019

The need to mental shift on a dime through the coming changes as the world seems to fall apart around old constructs that defined reality. Craig Simpson from Radiant Creators and David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 sat down during LeakCon 2019 in Denver to discuss preparing your mind, body and spirit as our societies move into the intensifying Grand Solar Minimum with never ending food price rises and the reset of our civilization.

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