SWITZERLAND MARKET REPORTJULY 26, 2019 / 1:05 PM / UPDATED 19 HOURS AGO Swiss nuclear plant to shut for ‘several days’ after short circuit


ZURICH, July 26 (Reuters) – Power production from Switzerland’s Goesgen nuclear power station will shut down for “several days,” after a short-circuit in a switchgear building at the facility, the plant operator said on Friday.“The reactor of the Goesgen nuclear power plant will be shut down in the course of the late afternoon,” officials at the station said in

a statement. “The components that have been supplied by the affected switch are now being fed…via a diesel generator with electricity.”

The Goesgen reactor’s largest owner is utility Alpiq with 40 percent, followed by government-owned Axpo’s 25% share and the city of Zurich’s 15 percent holding.

Goesgen, in northern Switzerland, is a 970-megawatt plant that was commissioned in 1979.



  1. Can you understand why Zurich would allow this around 30 minutes away? So many rich people and bankers live there. It would totally destroy their banking industry. Is it because they are all high on cocaine? They have found it in the Zurich sewage water on Wednesdays. Their nuclear waste is only 20 or 30 minutes away, too. It likely would take out Lichtenstein and Geneva, too, even though they are much farther. I don’t understand Indian Point and NYC, either. But, Switzerland is so small and Zurich IS Switzerland.

    • My opinion is it’s about agenda 21. agenda 21 is being rolled out by the nuclear crime syndicate, the WHO and WTO right in front of us all over the world at the same time. There ain’t no fuckin’ shame in their game. Their attitude is FUCK ‘EM ALL!!

      • Any good articles on Agenda 21? This is the only thing I really found and why I don’t like dense mixed use it’s more because people don’t know how to live together and respect each other anymore, and a 24/7 economy. https://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com There has always been this mixed use in Switzerland (no zoning). To me the mixed use has more to do with dealing with too much immigration/overpopulation and high property prices from money-laundering. The Swiss are very anti-nuclear and why these things are still running, I don’t know.

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