Watchdogs assess plan to build Canada’s first mini nuclear power plant

Canada sounds like that cereal commercial on TV, Mikey. Mikey is the youngest of his sibling crew and when Mom brings in a new cereal the rest won’t try it until they feed it to Mikey first – if he eats it, they’ll eat it! LOL.. SUCK UP THOSE LIQUID SODIUM REACTORS CANADA, AND WHEN THERE’S AN AIR LEAK IN ONE OF THE PRIMARY LOOPS YOU WON’T HAVE TO WAIT MORE THAN A SECOND BEFORE THE ENTIRE THING BLOWS SKY HIGH!!

Let’s give it to Mikey – he’ll eat it!

The proposed facility would be located approximately 200 kilometres northwest of Ottawa, at the Chalk River site operated by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, a private-sector organization backed by SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. and other engineering firms. The site is owned by Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., a federal Crown corporation.

A description of the project, which has an estimated budget of approximately US$100-million, was delivered to federal regulators earlier this month by Global First Power Ltd., a Mississauga, Ont.-based company that is partnering with Seattle-based Ultra Safe Nuclear Corp. (USNC) and provincially-owned Ontario Power Generation Inc. on the effort.

Watchdogs assess plan to build Canada’s first mini nuclear power plant


  1. God help us all! SNC-Lavalin is Holtec’s partner. It may be one of Holtec’s SMR. I think they imported someone from India to “design” it, so they can send him back and won’t be able to find him if something goes wrong. Chalk River is one of their national nuclear labs. When they had an accident way back when, Jimmy Carter had to go help them and be lowered into the reactor (when he was in the Navy). Could be that he got plutonium or something on the brain? Author of the article is Czech for those who are curious.

    • Thanks a lot for the additional follow-up and clarity you you guys are so good at that. We are all being Agenda 21’ed. LOL.. sometimes I create new words to add to the lexicon because they are so useful at the time 🙃🤣

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