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I don’t really give a fuck about DRM. If I find something I like and want to repost or ‘include or embed’ others content in MY production – I simply footnote, reference and credit the original author, time/date stamp and any other pointers I have access to so that MY reader/user knows it is NOT my original content and belongs to someone else – BUT I DO NOT PAY FOR EXISTING CONTENT of ANY KIND NEVER WILL!  DON’T LIKE IT — FUCK YOU.. SUE ME!

In this video – someone has actually attempted to sue and did in fact did have a YouTube Guitar Teacher site demonetized and taken down because the guy used a guitar chord – preceded by a specific chord then followed by another specific chord – that was copyrighted by another group as it’s original ‘intro’ to one of their songs!! WTF? All this offender did was “teach guitar lessons on the Net” and he offered for sale HIS ORIGINAL SONGS as income!! NEXT THEY WILL BE COPYRIGHTING PIANO ARPEGGIOS.. Copyrights and patents should never have been granted or created in the first place – or this is the kind of Shit you end up with! Copyrighted guitar chords used on YouTube. FUCK YOU YOUTUBE and FUCK ALL YOU WHO THINK YOU OWN MUSIC CHORDS!! Music Compositions and Arrangements, YES.. A FUCKIN’ GUITAR CHORD HELL NO!! 



Published on Jul 26, 2019

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: What is “intellectual property,” exactly? Where does this pernicious idea come from? And how does this philosophical wrong turn lead us not just into the heart of absurdity, but toward the censorship of the internet and the control of your genome? Find out in this jam-packed edition of The Corbett Report . . . and stay tuned for the worldwide debut of James Corbett’s blockbuster online protest song, “IP Freely (Screw YouTube)”!


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