Brazilian President Bolsonaro Threatens Glenn Greenwald with Imprisonment HEADLINE JUL 29, 2019

I go back and forth with Glenn and his outlook on the world – particularly Brasil and S.A. But he is a journalist and should never be molested or threatened by some DUMBASS BRASILIAN PRESIDENT! Actually, I’m slipping I’ll be right back with HIS nickname – any politician who insists in making it into Int’l Headlines gets a ‘nickname’ from me and a promise to be ‘crucified on my site’ everytime they venture into the headlines.. LOL’

So consensus is:

In english > Jackass Bagman (ES: Burro Viajente)

In Portugeuse > Jackass Bagman (PO: o caixero; viajante = carrier; bagman)

Bolsinaro’s name will be JACKASS BAGMAN. Which is totally appropriate because he is now holding the “bag” inherited from Temer – the previous President. There is a method to my ‘madness’ believe it or not.. 😊 Back to the story!

Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro threatened journalist Glenn Greenwald with possible imprisonment Saturday, following recent reporting by Greenwald’s news website The Intercept implicating Justice Minister SĂ©rgio Moro in a possible plot to smear and convict former Brazilian President Luiz InĂĄcio Lula da Silva. Speaking to a reporter, Bolsonaro said Greenwald could not be deported because he was married to a Brazilian, but that he might be imprisoned instead. Journalists and press freedom activists blasted Bolsonaro’s threats, and Greenwald responded via Twitter: “Contrary to what the president says, he is not (yet) a dictator. He doesn’t have the power to order people to stop. To detain someone, you need to present evidence to a court showing that a crime was committed. That evidence does not exist.” Click here to see our interview with the Pulitzer Prize-winning Glenn Greenwald on The Intercept’s exposĂ© of SĂ©rgio Moro and the Operation Car Wash scandal.


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