Steve Keen Says U.S. Heading for 2020 Recession

NOW .. you no longer ONLY have to prepare for the ‘already here’ Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) you now have to PREP for how you are gonna “save your bacon”.. your bank IS ABOUT TO SCREW YOU BIG TIME! Just a matter of time — and NOT much of THAT! So.. get ready it’s gonna be a WILD RIDE. But as I say “take it easy greasy – ya got a long way to slide!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha..

This guy, KEEN was talking about a major recession in 2020, way back in 2018.. 😳💀👻😜

Published on Sep 19, 2018

Sep.19 — Steve Keen, professor of economics at Kingston University, discusses inequality, Federal Reserve policy, house prices and the U.S. economy. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


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