Unmasking Ghislaine Maxwell: Epstein’s Lover Turned Madame

On the Trail of ‘JeffRape EpicSheenDick’ and all his shenanigans. I’m publishing ALL sources as long as they are asking hard questions, not just spouting opinions and exposing new information. At this stage I PUT NOTHING PAST THIS FUCKIN’ GUY AND HIS BITCH!

Yeah so what.. it’s Czar-T. I have seen some really good work from these guys at times – so I don’t “blanket” rule them out – and you shouldn’t either. 

Published on Jul 24, 2019

Mike Papantonio and RT Correspondent Michele Greenstein investigate British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Their relationship turned the two from romantic to business partners, as Maxwell was found to be complicit if not ENCOURAGING of Epstein’s slew of sexual assaults and solicitation of child prostitutes.

Then, Trial Magazines Editor Farron Cousins walks us through allegations that Epstein had actually sexually abused victims DURING his Florida jail sentence. His “sweetheart deal” brokered by U.S. labor secretary Alex Acosta had granted Epstein generous work leave from county prison, allowing him up to 12 hours a day unmonitored.

Plus, legal journalist Mollye Barrows discusses the closing of Eric Garner’s case, stemming from his death by chokehold back in 2014. Though widely-circulated video shows NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo slamming Garner to the ground in a chokehold, it turns out Pantaleo will not end up being charged by federal prosecutors for misconduct on the job.


  1. You are so right.. between the “serfs” that took tally at Ellis Island who asked for NAME to every immigrant and when they couldn’t recognize it or spell it – the MADE IT UP! So who fuckin’ knows who came from what country, with what family, at what time and with what NAME? Then there are the IGNORAMUSES who just didn’t have a clue as to who they were talking to or even WHY when it came to passing out “papers” for later permanent immigration. THE WHOLE THING – AMERICA – IS A GIGANTIC CLUSTERFUCK FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!!! THEN DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE CENSUS.. THAT IS EVEN WORSE IF THERE IS SUCH A FUCKIN’ THING??

    History is INCORRECT in America when it comes to IMMIGRATION and ALWAYS HAS BEEN. How in the Fuck are you gonna have OTHER immigrants who have been “deputized and trained” to take an accurate entrance – suppose they meet a cousin, uncle, long lost brother or ‘friend of a girlfriend’ who is trying to “get in” – what do you think is going to develop from that? And about FAMILY REUNIONS – AMERICA DOES NOT HAVE THEM GENERALLY SPEAKING; there are ALWAYS exceptions but basically THEY DO NOT TAKE PLACE ANYMORE – SINCE ABOUT WWII. “Fugget about it, it ain’t gonna wash”.. we’re all incestuous cousins, nieces and nephews and don’t know the fuckin’ difference.. OR EVEN CARE! IMMIGRATION REFORM – WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??????

  2. Apparently ZeroHedge is now anti-Russia! They just had an article claiming that there is a Russian n-accident worse than Fuku! Oh, go figure! Even if this were true, which I doubt, a pro-Russian site would never admit it.

    • Remember, we still never got an answer one way or the other y7 captains we’re on one nuclear submarine. And they all got declared heroes we still don’t know what happened to that submarine that maybe the accident they’re talking about it may be an underwater f****** nightmare sitting down 4000 feet at the bottom of the f****** North Sea and can never be recovered

        • I’m not much of a reader of Zero hedge. Although I think I might start reading it now LOL. I’m on my phone now and I can’t seem to get the text to become large enough for me to be able to read at this time. But when I get back home I’ll try to pull it up on the computer

        • I’m not much of a reader of Zero hedge. Although I think I might start reading it now LOL. I’m on my phone now and I can’t seem to get the text to become large enough for me to be able to read at this time. But when I get back home I’ll try to pull it up on the computer.

          BTW.. I just published a new article from “Science News” who did a detailed, lengthy research of the plume from 2017.. must read.

  3. Is Kamala Harris’ accent fake? I know it’s not an Asian-Indian accent and I know it’s not an upper class Jamaican accent and I know it’s not a Montreal accent nor an Anglo-Canadian accent and I know it’s not a California accent. Do you think she lived around black people enough to get an accent that’s a bit southern and a bit African American or do you think she learned to fake this accent at Howard? Her ear should have been still “soft” when she went to Montreal, so I would expect that accent. Her ear may have still been soft when she went to Howard. My ear was still soft enough to get new accents at 17. Even so, I believe that an accent says a lot about identity, and I do not believe that her accent reflects her identity. I need to listen to her more to see how many accents she has!

    • My guess is she developed her accent at Howard. Because you’re right none of the other choices are quite right except maybe California – I say Howard accent and California syntax and inflection. California is in her vocabulary – then there is Northern and Southern California. Definitely northern I’d say.. but she had to REALLY work on it 24/7- she knew she was going into politics, it had to be natural and consistent.

  4. Your post is good reminder to see what RT is up to. At least we know whose interest they are looking after and need simply to see what their angle is. I was saved from embarrassment by the fact that they are jerks over copyright, or I might have used some of their Fukushima stuff. I have used a lot of VOA because it is copyright free. And, RFERL because re-use is allowed. I would be clueless of their true angle with Trump in the White House. Trump sent Kushner’s friend in to establish “beachheads” at VOA/RFERL right after the inauguration, but I don’t think they were initially able to take it over, however, I think it is gradually being taken over. Anything by RT or ZeroHedge I will use to bark up whatever tree they aren’t barking up. This video raises questions of when Epstein became close to Maxwell. It seems to be Donald Barr’s father that gave him access to elite circles. I don’t know who Epstein’s parents were, either. ZeroHedge says Epstein is Mossad, which sounds the most plausible but I think it’s false since they said it. Maybe he is a renegade Mossad agent. Likely Russian Jewish mafia. Mafia and BCCI are probably where CIA-Mossad and KGB join, though a lot of shxt went down right after the fall of the Soviet Union. And, let us not forget the Stasi, since the head of NordStream is a Stasi friend of Putin, Matthias Warnig. Rand Paul, another apparent Russian operative, is trying to protect NordStream. Any American who appears on RT is a traitor, IMO. Anyone since 2013, a traitor to liberty. I wonder where they keep getting these Latins with accents that sound fake. The only more fake sounding accent is Kamala Harris. This guy is Italian American or is he Greek American with his name re-written to sound Italian? Then there is David Duke, another apparent Russian operative, though probably a non-Latin one. I learned about uncle Khashoggi by listening to a professor who seems to be a Russian and Iranian operative, who sports an Irish first name, Colin. However, I did his pedigree and he is mostly Spanish and I bet the last name of Cavell is Cavelli (Spanish Italian border). He appears on both RT and Iranian TV. Don Lemon of CNN is from Baton Rouge and certainly doesn’t have the extreme southern accent that Colin Cavell has, who is supposedly from Baton Rouge. I’m not saying this guys accent is fake, but it’s amazing that they scared up this guy who looks and sounds like a tele-evangelist from the 70s. I may revert to practicing what Herbert Spencer called “mental hygiene” and not listen or read anyone.

    • I love and appreciate every time you send me back to “school” on this shit. There was a show on CBS for a long time – Criminal Minds – that had some pretty decent actors within. When I started to realize one day that most of the cast was Hispanic/Italian with American sounding names; didn’t turn me away from the show, I was a huge fan, but I began to look back to find that CSI, the series was the same. Nothing against Hispanics/Italians it was just a realization I discovered and was surprised by it.. I don’t see any of the actors on any other productions in the US at all going forward from either show? Nothing is as it seem anymore.

      As far as Epstein goes I don’t think he has the “cahones” to be any renegade Mossad or Stasi agent just a fuckin’ USEFUL IDIOT that fit the role at the time.. hardest part is going to be to keep him alive long enough to “tell the tale” and “point the monkey-finnger”.. LOL

      • Part of my point was mostly just you don’t think about Latins having southern accents/drawls. And, it makes me wonder the origin of that accent and if they have fake accents. Most Italian Americans were late arrivals. The Spanish were in Louisiana and Florida before the Americans, though. Latin rednecks? It is just weird to me. I heard that in the Mississippi Delta the Italians came in as field workers after the Civil War, displacing African Americans and then quickly became the big planters.

        I like the useful idiot hypothesis.

        • Understood your point – I’m saying that this country no longer has an “identity” of origin anymore. The Social fabric and religion have changed so many over so many years we no longer can “join together as Americans” anymore. You would think that families would prefer to maintain history, origin, ethnic tradition and customs over the generations if for no other reason than to document their plight – both from homeland and here. But mass immigration and “forced and fierce competition” in the jobs market have moved away from all that – that dog don’t hunt no more! Unification has become one of “class” rather than “history, tradition and ethnicity”. Every American Indian family knows ALL their relatives, location, history all the way from Grands down to cousins, nieces, nephews aunts, uncles – all of them. And usually they have family reunions at least every 4-5 years. Not here..

          • That’s the best summary I have seen! I’m saving it. But, on the one hand, some folks aren’t allowed ethnic pride anymore – it’s not politically correct. On the other hand, I think a lot of immigrants were melted into the melting pot as Americans during the WWII period is one reason I didn’t know they were there. One thing is that new rich immigrants don’t have a “plight”. It used to be hard to immigrate – whether forced or willingly. Now people just jump on an airplane and skype their friends. I’m fascinated by all these Brahmins, like Kamala, coming over here with their attitudes. I wonder how much they connect to the Boston Brahmins through the opium trade. Life is starting to look like a steep learning curve.

          • Add to the mess that already exists we’re families no longer have family reunions. Cousins don’t know who their cousins are nieces and nephews don’t know who their aunts and uncles are nobody knows anybody anymore. And then compound that with the b******* of things like ancestry.com that’s plenty out that everybody came from some f****** Norwegian Prince with some family seal from 1192 ad or some s*** some Wonder everybody’s confused

          • Internet genealogy did the most to teach me about logic and illogic on the internet. People see that a guy was named John and their ancestor was John and he was a rich guy with a pre-made pedigree and they say that’s the ancestor. Never mind that John couldn’t have had a kid when he was 2 years old. Never mind that our John was German by family tradition and the John who had a kid when he was two was English.
            You remind me that rich people used to buy pedigrees, as well as marrying pedigreed wives. Trump’s maternal island was owned by Norway, by the way. https://icelandmonitor.mbl.is/news/culture_and_living/2017/01/24/donald_trump_is_related_to_most_icelanders_and_dani/

            There are still family reunions but most very small. I only found one worthwhile and that was relatives in another state that I had never met. They gave me a feeling of belonging that I had never had. I found out about it on one of the genealogy discussion pages. My grandparents and siblings totaled over 30 people. I decided early on that it was impossible to learn them all. I still cannot name all of my grandparents’ siblings.

            Americans having to move for work helped to destroy family and community. I think that community is really more important than family.

            The Scandinavians seem to have had lots of kids who became juvenile deliquents named vikings. However, regarding the UK and surely even more so Ireland, I was told that there were so few people, even compared to France, that if you go far enough back they are all kin. I ran a rough calculation on my theoretical Scottish border clan ancestor who would have been chased out by the crown ca 1603 or 1604 and estimated that by now he would have at least 5 million offspring. I think the entire Scottish diaspora is something like 25 million. So, I figure most in the Scottish diaspora are kin to me, as I have multiple Scottish lines. I have read that many, or even the majority, of Irish descend from the O’Neil kings. Pretty quickly genealogy merges into history and that’s where it is interesting, apart from inherited skills, talents, and rebelliousness. I was lucky that I wrote down names for my great-great-grandparents early on. Most of them were born in the early 1800s. However, most lines are impossible to prove outside of the United States. Because of destruction of records, I guess, the majority of lines literally drop dead in the 1700s, already in the United States. The oldest line I can trace of which I am certain is to Bermuda in the early 1600s, which tells me next to nothing. Based on surname they could have been Anglo-Norman, Irish or mixed race Africans/Atlantic Creoles. I always thought that’s what made Americans American was the creolized culture of mixed ethnicities. I was surprised that I felt at home in Scotland.

            Now I would like to go backwards to the past and see my grandparent’s siblings or even my parent’s cousins and just see the genetic diversity like you see in litters of puppies. I would listen to their accents with a keen ear. But, when I was little, I was too short to see or appreciate. Only in recent times, with the advent of internet, do people share family pictures. Before they tended to hide them and the family Bibles and old letters. Some still do.

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