WHERE ARE THE PEAS? Walmart’s Nationwide Shortages Don’t Add Up

I have been warning about exactly this.. canned foods UNAVAILABLE – never mind “fresh peas”! Now I will no longer WARN – NOW I will point out real-life cases where this is true until you finally realize that you are missing many of your food stocks with NO ABILITY to find alternatives, BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE!!!!!  WAKE UP PEOPLE OR FACE ANARCHY AT YOUR FRONT DOOR! PEOPLE WITH GUNS WILL EVENTUALLY COME TO TAKE WHATEVER IT IS YOU HAVE.. I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD LAUGH ON THIS LAST STATEMENT!!  THE LAST LAUGH WILL BE MINE!!

Published on Jul 14, 2019

Walmarts across the United States are bereft of canned peas. The media blames Beyond Meat’s Bleeding Burgers for creating pea protein — but does this add up? Christian breaks down the facts and offers some high-octane speculation. Start growing your own food today!

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