GMO Change Name to Bio Fortified Monsanto Tricks Consumers

More incestual ‘footsy’ under the covers.. but this is MUCH WORSE! The Scumbag Corporation MONSANTO and it’s new concubine BUYER are at it again. WTF. Be sure and purchase YOUR cancer at the best price you can find.. – HELL, we’re trying our best to get your FREE HEALTH CARE too.. so you can get your hospice at the best price TOO.. YUMMY.. LOLROTF!! 😫😖😵😆😝😜💩

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Just a heads up GMO name is being change to BIO FORTIFIED. Biology Fortified is another front group for Monsanto, pushing GMOs and cancer-causing herbicides in your food. Biology Fortified, Inc. (BFI) is a tax-exempt GMO-front group with a main mission of teaching scientists how to communicate with the public (and political lobbyists) and convince them that genetically modified organisms in food are not the health-and-environmental horror story that they really are today. The BFI main source of reference is the Genetic Engineering Risk Atlas (GENERA), a database of skewed research crafted by the biotech cartel that downplays the risks of what have become known as Franken-crops.



  1. It’s one of the “wayback machines” classic 100 tags. Sometimes I forget how old I am (LOL) and forget to bring readers ‘up to speed’ of the Model A I drive.. “laughing out loud, rolling on the floor” is one of my ‘hilarious’ subject tags. When you see THAT one you know there’s some humor coming down the rabbit hole.. 😊😆😝 BTW.. it’s never too late to look things up – or you can always just ask me.. 😎👍

  2. I’m glad I finally looked up ROTF and found it means rolling on the floor. I had concluded it meant something like “rot in fxcking hxll”, so I still see lots of laughs rot in fxck (LOL ROTF) because I waited too late to look it up.

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