Keiser Report: Money Printing & Landed Gentry (E1417)

This is NOT a story about the UK’s Brexit –  this IS a story about the UK and how it has worked since it’s inception. The QUEEN owns EVERYTHING – INCLUDING PEOPLE! HER AUTHORITY IS ABSOLUTE. But listen to Max and his wife Stacey explain the ‘inner sanctum’ of how the UK ACTUALLY works – I know you don’t know what you don’t know but HEY!  That’s why I named this blog “Everything you don’t know that you don’t know.. so liksten up. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED and HORRIFIED. Watch and learn – it applies to the USA just as much as the UK – after all that is where we ESCAPED from in the beginning.. LOL 👀😊

Published on Aug 1, 2019

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss how the Cantillon Effect has doubled the wealth of the landed gentry in the United Kingdom since the financial crisis while the debt serfs have suffered austerity and worse. They debate the merits of free money for one group of non-productive members of the economy (landed gentry) who already have more money than they can spend in a lifetime versus another group of non-productive members (those unable to work) who, by necessity, spend every penny they receive. In the second half, Max talks to financial activist, Joel Benjamin, about the ballooning costs of HS2, yet another Private Finance Initiative (PFI) turned boondoggle. They discuss what Prime Minister Boris Johnson might do with these PFI deals and what the future is for austerity policies and Brexit.

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