PLASMA COSMOLOGY [Full Infomentary]


Many of the top physicists, astrophysicists, particle physicists, cosmologists and historical physical scientists – think Newton et al – and their most recent peer-reviewed papers and research are talking to each other – first time maybe ever – and AGREEING that there is something very wrong with the current theories of Physics and the Universe. They are coming to a consensus that the Universe, that they can actually see now in a myriad of ways is “filamentary” and consists of plasma in all 3 modes; dark mode, glow mode and arc mode!

“Plasma is a state of matter in which an ionized gaseous substance becomes highly electrically conductive to the point that long-range electric and magnetic fields dominate the behaviour of the matter.[21][22] The plasma state can be contrasted with the other statessolidliquid, and gas. [wikipedia]

THE UNIVERSE CONSISTS OF VARIOUS STATES OF ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC CHARGE STRENGTH IN THE FORM OF A PLASMA! — No dark matter, no dark energy, no black holes, no neutron stars, no super symmetry, higgs boson or higgs field, no ‘magic’ sauce and NO FUCKIN’ MYSTERY OR NEED FOR THE LHC! It is an Electric/Plasma Universe – PERIOD!!  ANY FUCKIN’ QUESTIONS!! Don’t take my word for it – here is the ‘alternative science’ as it exists today IN SPITE of the Mainstream Quackademics!! 😊

Premiered 2 hours ago

Plasma Cosmology contains interviews with top professors and government scientists, examining the problems with the prevailing dark matter paradigm. Dr. Peratt describes what the government learned and classified during secret nuclear tests underground.

~30 minutes in, the tables turn completely

~43 minutes in, the bomb drops, both literally and figuratively.

Dr. Peratt’s Book:…

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  1. Don’t feel bad.. it took me at least 3 years to finally come over to the Electric Plasma Universe idea but once I did – only then could I place the data side-by-side and examine it – and only then did I become convinced that the “Big Bang” which I never believed because, simply, it says first there was NOTHING, then NOTHING exploded, then there was SOMETHING – The entire fuckin’ Universe came out of that original NOTHING?? Really.. really? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. you are fuckin’ jerkin’ my Johnson right? Somehow, I could never wrap my head around that whole concept. But if you ‘hang’ with this channel/blog I will present “laboratory/experimental evidence” of the Electric Plasma Universe and those results are being reproduced by other teams of Astrophysicists around the world and they are in agreement with results – so slowly but surely Big Bang is dying. Big Bang laboratory proofs and experiments have NEVER been able to demonstrate real laboratory/experimental evidence/proof of its founding principles.. NOT EVEN UNTIL THIS DAY! You DO know the meaning of Insanity.. LOL 👀😳😊😎 Film at 11.. 😜 There is a project called SAFIRE that has successfully ‘duplicated’ ALL CHARACTERISTICS of the Sun and they weren’t doing nuclear fusion.. look up Montgomery Childs SAFIRE PROJECT and actually “see” a ‘star in a jar’ in a physics laboratory for starters 😳😯😮

  2. “… suffice it to say that plasma cosmology discards virtually every major astronomical discovery and theory of the past 50 years.

    Unlike most crank alternative models, this one was actually proposed by a trio of real theoretical physicists. But they did so in the 1960s, before much of modern astronomy was known. For example, we now know that some of the observations the originators of plasma cosmology were trying to explain are the result of things like dark matter, dark energy, and inflation, concepts that were not yet proven back in those days. But even in those early days, plasma cosmology failed as a theory in too many other ways, and was never taken very seriously. Today, with our much more complete knowledge, it’s completely unnecessary. It violates too much of what we know, and it fails to explain anything that’s not already explained by proven phenomena. A lot of its themes are nothing more than straw-man arguments against the standard model, such as untrue claims that scientists refuse to acknowledge electromagnetism.

    But like every fringe theory, even those that have been disproven, plasma cosmology continues to have its supporters, almost all of whom (today) come from outside of astronomy. It’s comparable to ideas like geocentrism or the hollow earth theory. Always remember that it’s easy to fool laypeople with scientific-sounding jargon, but there are very good reasons why astronomers abandoned this particular idea decades ago.”

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