Sen. Klobuchar On Election Security Legislation, Taking On Trump At Debates | The Last Word | MSNBC

I like Amy.. but I’m not endorsing her – TULSI GABBARD – is my choice without question, and MAYOR PETE for VP – that’s MY dream ticket. But I like the way both Amy AND Tulsi both speak BIG TRUTH to BIG POWER!! 😊😎

Published on Aug 2, 2019

Senator Amy Klobuchar hits Mitch McConnell for blocking her election security legislation and discusses her debate strategy to attack Trump and hold her punches against her fellow Democrats.


  1. I thought you had posted this with Tulsi vs Kamala, but I can’t find it on your blog. We had spoken about Kamala’s accent and this isn’t the same accent. This is more of a port city nasal twang accent, like the “Nanny” or New Orleans yat, so it must be either a variety of California accent or a Montreal accent that I haven’t heard or maybe from her husband. Most of the remaining Montreal Anglos would have been Jewish, at the time that she lived there and the Montreal Anglo Jews all have cousins in NYC. Her mother worked at Montreal Jewish hospital and then at McGill. A lot of Italians there in Montreal, too, but not her neighborhood. Her neighborhood in Montreal is one of the richest in North America. It is the neighborhood of the Bronfmanns. Tulsi certainly did do a great job here. But, there are a lot of well-spoken dictators, too.

  2. Thanks. I agree because vets should think twice before going to war, too. Search Tulsi Gabbard Trump Tower meeting, though. Thanks for the confirmation re military service. Military and team ball was breaking down racism and then you got Asian Indians coming and trying to stir it up to benefit themsleves. Buttegieg’s campaign manager is from India if I recall correctly.

    • Let’s face it. If you are going into ‘high stakes’ politics there are limited ways to get there and the path to the top will ALWAYS involve Goldman Sachs or J.P.. Morgan – NO FUCKIN’ WAY AROUND IT! What the candidate has to do is not make “hard” promises, only agree to take a close look at the propositions and ‘get back to them after discussing with family, friends and business colleagues. Almost impossible to do but it is one of only two options – and the other includes promises and pledges. So I can understand Mayor Pete’s dilemna – this will test his “civilian/political” mettle longterm. LOL

      • I will not vote for anyone using an Asian-Indian operative. I know from experience how they work. The exception is if the person can be proven an untouchable Dalit who came to escape persecution. Well-heeled Asian-Indians have pretended to be both African and African American, so they may pretend to be Dalit, too. They have overpopulated India, have stolen ag land in Africa and are aiming at this continent now. They have come not just direct but via S. Africa, the UK, Canada. That’s my personal payback for them doing so much to destroy my career and to stir up hate in academia. I am convinced that they were brought in to undermine African American rights from the 1960s. Even the Caribbean indentures had a large percentage of Brahmins and other upper castes. They were brought in because they didn’t want the freed slaves to have land or demand good wages. To me, it would be LOL when they take over because I think racist whites prefer the upper castes (and they think like them) but it’s been unfair to African Americans, too. I think they are playing the white racists with a long-term scheme. Look at Hyde-Smith. Mississippi has the highest percentage of African Americans and almost the lowest for Asian-Indians but her office manager is Asian-Indian. All of the treaties with the American Indians say Indians. Within 100 years when you watch down from heaven you will see people from India claiming to be the Native Americans. They can call me racist and xenophobic and jump up and down and I don’t care. They are why I will be leaving again because they are so much in power now that I will be facing a Brahmin judge and jury for saying something that they deem non-pc, if I live much longer. I guess jail will be better than being thrown in a ditch though.

    • My take is she’s talking about the Senate majority and saying since the Mueller report was actually inconclusive about the ‘collusion’ aspect so let’s move on to impeachment and get some REAL FACTS as they actually happened.. everyone is putting too much on the Mueller Report; we will NEVER get the full UNredacted version so let’s stop wasting time and get on with our Constitutional Mandate and Impeach the Asshole.. FUCK the Mueller Report, Mueller had no balls and I also believe that Rosenstein hampered him ‘behind the curtain’ then cut the entire investigation short and told him to ‘Rap it Up’ that deal was made when Rosenstein was called to the WH for some UNdisclosed reason, HE HAD NO BUSINESS MEETING WITH THE TRUMPANZEE AT ALL – TALK ABOUT A CONFLICT!

      • My understanding, now for years, is that she was similar to Jill Stein (and Rand Paul) – a Kremlin operative. I think she was opposing Mueller from the get-go. That’s just the only example I could quickly come up with. Putin knows America’s weaknesses better than anyone. I don’t have time to do further research. I need to keep focused on the arrogant Brahmins from India trying to finish taking over.

          • Tulsi, but I found that Tulsi did support Mueller in 2017. I will get back to you when I figure out where I got the idea she was a Kremlin operative. It’s been years now. Maybe she opposed sanctions against Russia. I can’t find it quickly. It’s more a “be alert” sort of thing. I forgot that Hindus like Tulsi almost as much as Kamala, since she’s a convert. I don’t know anything against Klobachar except I think she’s pro-nuke, but they almost all are. After Pelosi refused to go after Trump, I really think that most of Congress is de facto foreign agents of one variety or another. I don’t intend to listen to any of them. Time to vote and I will do background check.

          • I liked what tell she had to say in the debates. I like her military veteran experience, attitude and demeanor. I’m an old vet myself I understand vets – not many people do. It takes one to understand one but one thing I can tell you about that especially combat vets 99.9% of them if at any time in their lives they were biased about color by the time they get back that’s odd pattern is long gone.there’s a lot to be said for having the experience of being in a battlefield situation and knowing that your people black white and brown I’ll have to have your back and you have to have theirs without them you’re walking dead man. That tends to moderate a lot of veterans ‘early in life’ biases and opinions that they grew up with.

            Don’t get me wrong there are veterans that have very serious and scary issues about color but generally speaking those are few and far between particularly Post Battlefield experience – and ESPECIALLY if you are in the Medical Corps and had to actually treat major trauma on a Battlefield. Believe me that experience will truly change your life and your entire way of thinking.

            This is why I trust Tulsi much more than any of the others in the entire debate lot! Same goes for mayor Pete.

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