Watch Tulsi Gabbard’s interview with Anderson Cooper

Tulsi finally gets an in depth interview, one-on-one to speak about her positions and why she is qualifying for the September debate – I did my small part to help her in that respect. At this time based on ‘the rules’ she will move on to ‘slaughter’ Kamala in the September debate. You go baby..


Published on Aug 1, 2019

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) speaks to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the second night of the Democratic primary debate.


  1. I’m the one who has been making too many mistakes lately and it’s hard to keep up but Hood is supposed to be the good guy, though I worry about how he managed to survive that long. He’s really the only one calling for transparency, which they apparently need badly. All but Reeves are talking basic issues that the whole country should be talking: infrastructure, education, and rural hospitals. I find that refreshing.

    • I’m gonna hope for the conversation of social injustice and demonizing people of color. I just post a very short op-ed that covers the very basics. I’m gonna flesh it out much further down the road .. as they say. LOL But there is a larger conversation that is not being had today and it needs our immediate attention as it has been neglected and obfuscated for far too long now. We’re 2 minutes before midnight on this lack of conversation and real dialogue. They’re covering ROOT causes of ALL the problems by “nit picking” at mindless subject matters that are all covered withing a larger conversation. It is NOT hospitalization/medical care; it is not just student loan forgiveness; it is NOT just jobs; it is not just equal opportunity — it is about injustice and separation of low/middle class and criminalizing victimless crimes and giving our jobs to foreigners and maintaining racial chaos and nationalism – THAT IS WHAT IT IS REALLY ABOUT!

      • You said it! The problem is that they are lumping foreigners into “persons of color”, and I don’t just mean the indigenous of Latin America, either. It’s this lumping of non-Americans in with Americans that is the trouble and confusing people and I believe that is the intent. I started wondering how many of the rich whites are really Americans? If you buy into the “person’s of color” rhetoric, then you are empowering the people from India, who have high-jacked it and I believe intentionally so. The majority of people from India here are upper caste.

        • It’s bigger than that. It’s really something THEY (the Haves) refer to as Social Injustice – which is the “code phrase” for those who are not rich. Name your Category; jobless, homeless, under-employed, working poor, technically displaced, underprivileged, uneducated, deplorables’, non-whites, people of color, criminally incarcerated, socially inept, chronically unemployed, underemployed, welfare recipients, single-mom families, senior citizens, foreign, public assistance recipients, immigrants.. you name it. ALL these categories are recipients of SOCIAL INJUSTICE! So then — what, really is Social Injustice is not Class Separation – Haves and Have Not’s.. 😎 That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

          • I used to support this view, but I no longer feel that I should be responsible for the entire world’s failure to use birth control. Just look at the stats for this country and the world. My family used birth control from at least the 1950s, maybe before. We were responsible and waited until we could afford kids to have them, which never happened until we were too old and then the babies died as miscarriages. Meanwhile immigrant students got all the funding they wanted and stole jobs and careers and didn’t hesitate to have kids while in school because they were backed up by money from back home, I guess. This has been going on since the 60s but gotten worse and worse. Hxll, my father had his entire dissertation project stolen! Plus they knew how to work the system. I didn’t do anything to her majesties colonies. My ancestors revolted against the crown. My position would be give one house and income per family, and theirs would be per capita. If India wants to overreproduce, let them keep the people there in their house. It’s one reason I respect China more. At least they tried to take responsibility. What I wanted to say in the comment about Scotland is that is my indigenous home and we were booted out and that’s why there is no one there to protest. We have no right to return. All of these other people can go home. We can’t. Next time you see a pissy white American, remember that. We can’t even deport Trump and his mother was British. There are many more Scots out of Scotland than within – at leat 5 x more. Do you know that the last plumber we had made as much as a CEO? He made $300,000 working 80 hours per week (based on my calculation) but I’m sure some CEOs work that. Note that I fixed my own toilet reading the instructions when I was doing my PhD. I fixed it because I didn’t want maintenance people pestering me. Those jobs will soon be gone to immigrants. The jobs of black roofers in the south are now in the hands of immigrants. Because of overpopulation, I don’t think there is enough to go around anymore. And, both African Americans and Europeans are a world minority. Hispanic is a fake group based on language. Native Americans are so complicated a situation that they warrant a tribe by tribe and individual evaluation.

  2. Thanks. This should be good. I bet they are direct competitors for Hindu coalition money. She kept popping up in the ads when I was doing India green card cap searches. If not, I had forgotten her Hindu connection. Interesting that she and Deb Haaland are half Norwegian and half indigenous. I prefer Deb Haaland but she isn’t running.

    • I get the distinct impression that Tulsi has venom for Kamala. If anyone can boot Kamala off the debates it Tulsi. It appears Tulsi has a superior research and message team that Kamala and she’s keeping Kamala at bay – Kamala ain gonna fuck with Tulsi TOO MUCH and she’ll avoid her when she can. On the other hand, Tulsi is a ‘huntin dog’ and Kamala is the prey – this is gonna be good.. LOLROTF.

        • Hood responded to someone who suggested he serve a little longer and gain more in State government experience before going for Governor to which he responded, “too many people who stay in state government for long periods of time are beholden to special interests for their campaign contributions.”.. LOL.. Now, I would have thought that whether or not you were beholden to special interests for campaign contributions would depend entirely on WHETHER OR NOT YOU ACCEPTED SPECIAL INTEREST CONTRIBUTIONS.. I gotta say that was a DumbAss statement if I ever heard one.. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. 😊😎

          • That is Republican Foster, not Hood. Hood has served as AG for something like 18 years and gone after the bad guys and is sorta the last populist Democrat left standing anywhere. They have some interesting African American candidates on the Democrat side too. Mississippi is central to whatever foreign agent crap is going on because of BGR Group and Haley Barbour. Hood has promised to impose transparency on the legislature. He said he’s brought $3 billion back to the state as AG and that the legislature has stolen most of it with tax breaks. Tate Reeves is head of the MS Senate. He is the BGR Group man. This makes him heir to BCCI, Russiagate and Saudis. In that context, Foster or anyone else is better.

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