China & India’s Most Incredible Ancient Anomalies


It is clear to me that human existence is more than 500K years old – but it has been through many planetary disasters based upon cosmological cycles that wreaked havoc across the planet. NOT EVEN THE ADVANCED CIVILIZATION SURVIVED BUT THEY DID LEAVE THEIR ARCHITECTURE AND AMAZING ANOMALIES FOR US TO PONDER.. 

Having visited the Sacred Valley of Peru for many years multiple times, I MUST agree with everything this guy says – he SHOWS you the truth and I have witnessed it in Peru and Bolivia many times. Think about supporting his channel with a like, share or subscription. If you get really excited – like I have why not FOLLOW him and donate.

Published on Apr 4, 20

A collection of hand picked ancient anomalies and ancient ruins, that still baffle all who explore them even to this day. YouTube Have Re-monetized Me!

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