Space Junk Around Earth

Humans not only shit in and on their kitchen sink, but wherever they go they leave their SHIT! Did you know that Space Station astronauts wear the same clothes until none of the can stand each other and what then do they do – THEY EJECT THEM OUT OF THE GARBAGE HATCH TO FLOAT AROUND THE PLANET UNTIL THEY FINALLY BURN UP ENTERING THE ATMOSPHERE BUT THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN A TIMELY FASHION.. There have been times when the astronauts had to actually consider MOVING the entire space station to avoid some space junk headed their way! Of course they cannot move the space station but they had to all huddle into the Soyuz return capsule and hope they didn’t have to evacuate they entire station in the Soyuz – all 5 or 6 of them into something designed for only 3 people. NASA IS FUKIN’ NUTS AND THEY’RE DOING A TERRIBLE JOB OF MANAGING NEAR EARTH ORBITS AND MANAGING DEBRIS! 😖😩😵😠😡

Published on Aug 4, 2018

Space debris poses a threat to us on Earth, even causing damage to the International Space Station. DCODE how we can save the Earth and space, in this fascinating 2016 series – Space’s Deepest Secrets.

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