The Battle Rages On Between Kamala Harris and Tulsi Gabbard

I had been electronically directed by my search indexing to Kim Iverson’s site previously but just didn’t have the bandwidth to actually check her out. This is my first exploration into her site goals, objectives and strategies and who she actually is. And since I am sympathetic to her mutual dislike for Kamala and preference toward Tulsi I will add her to my ‘watch’ list for further scrutiny. One thing I will say is Kim is an “in yo face” journalist like me and is not afraid to call Kamala a “Bitch”.. YOU GO KIM! If you are a Tulsi fan subscribe, if you are a Kamala foe listen to what she has to say. And if you like what I’m working towards here, send me a like or toss me a share and follow if you truly enjoy ‘in yo face’ journalism.. 😊

Published on Aug 2, 2019

CORRECTION: regarding the death row inmate – Kevin Cooper was scheduled to be executed in 2004. His execution was put on hold. From 2011 Kamala Harris was the state attorney general and continued to block DNA testing requests that could exonerate him.


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