Lately, I have been questioned, indeed criticized, because I rely on MSM videos  and news stories – particularly MSNBC. First, in answer to those questions/criticisms, of ALL THE MSM OUTLETS – I HAVE FOUND THAT THE TOP TIER MSNBC PRODUCERS/SHOW HOSTS ARE THE MOST ARTICULATE, INFORMED AND ‘DEEP DIVING’ OF ALL THE OTHER TOP TIER MSMs. So I will continue to defer to their broadcasts as most reliable and acceptable to ME!

When YOU go out and listen to ALL the other MSMs like I did/do then we can debate your opinions and critcisms . But when I search and review – for hours and days for news supporting my progressive views please walk back the negative critiques. But as long as I’m taking the time, my precious limited time I have, to aggregate relative and significant news stories that are important for you to at least be aware of whether you agree or even realize it or not, I would expect that you would assist, support and share what of mine you deem relative to you, found here, for me. OH.. in case you didn’t know – there is no such thing as good news, or bad news, or old news, or important news – THERE IS ONLY NEWS! LOOK IT UP! ALL THE OTHER LABELS ARE ABJECT SYNONYMS OR HOMONYMS.

But I digress – I will promise to include more alternative media and reporting more often here – it is, after all, only fair. And to be honest the more I find out there based upon initial search specs the more I like it. LOL 😊😎

Published on Aug 1, 2019

During the Democratic Debates Tulsi Gabbard questioned Kamala Harris’ record as California’s Attorney General, yet instead of answering fact based questions about her record, both Kamala, the ladies of The View and many others resort to attacking Tulsi Gabbard. Here’s Tim Black with THE REAL.


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