Bernie Sanders: I asked McConnell to end recess right now

These fuckin’ guys and dolls in Congress do not work long enough hours or hard enough to be on a 30 day recess during these critical times already! GET BACK TO WORK AND EARN YOUR unrivaled benefits and pay and DO SOME FUCKIN’ WORK – FOR A CHANGE! Jake Tapper is a Lamo anyway. He asks philosophical meaningless questions and has no business with a JOB at CNN! He one of the ‘whys’ that CNN is a total failure – what a useless network – this is why I do NOT repost any of their videos anymore. Chris Cuomo is the only true, in yo face producer they have LEFT! CNN YOU CAN SUCK IT!


Published on Aug 4, 2019

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) tells CNN’s Jake Tapper that some people in the US see President Trump’s racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric as “a sign to do terrible, terrible things.”


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