Harris Loses Support After Detroit Debate While Warren Shines

Looks like they are slowly bringing down “Kamalala Harlequin” (she’s only missing her fake diamond-embedded dress and wooden wand LOL) and Harris was the shooter this time. Meanwhile, the deep state is STILL trying to figure out how to bring down Tulse – but me thinks Tulsi will not go EZ. Here’s some of the latest ratings.. 😊

Heading into the second Democratic debate, an event which CNN pitched as a “rematch” between Sen. Kamala Harris and former vice president Joe Biden, the expectations for Harris were almost insurmountably high. Following her performance at the first debate where she got the better of Biden as far as most viewers were concerned, the second debate was being watched with anticipation of where the battle would head next.

From the onset of the debate, Harris was not as sharp on her game as she was the first round, or perhaps just not as sharp in the clutch moments when she needed to be. As a result, her numbers, which were dwindling before the debate, have continued to slide.

Harris Loses 11 Points in Favorability

Harris Loses Support After Detroit Debate While Warren Shines

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