Mafia Dumps Radioactive Waste on American Roads Nuclear in Gas Bill Mollison

ALL the evil ways they dump high-level radioactive waste down your fuckin’ throat, in your nose and mouth, shower you in it and feed it to you in your fuckin’ FOOD! Bill Mollison knows.. rest in peace my brother!!!

Published on Feb 9, 2019

Bill Mollison talks about how the Mafia does the dirty work for the nuclear cartel. Getting rid of nuclear waste by dumping it onto highways. Bill Mollison says they will do anything to save money. The government uses the Mafia to get rid of nuclear waste it does not want to touch. The Mafia would use mixer trucks with a tube running out the end and dump the waste from Maine down to Boston. Bill figured it out after somebody was tipped off from high geiger counter readings following one of these mixer trucks had flower paintings on it. Nuclear waste is also added to metal to get rid of waste ultimately making the metal more brittle and a severe health hazard. Also radioactive waste was discovered in jet fuel and some gas fuels. It is suspected this was done to get rid of radioactive waste. But as we know you cant get rid of waste, only dilute it further to ultimately hurt more people.


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