School Superintendent On Caring For Kids Whose Parents Were Detained By ICE | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

‘Queen Sissy-DumbAss Doofus, the scumsucking bottomdwelling Liar-in chief, megalomaniacal, psychopathic sociopath💩🐷‘ IS STILL SEPARATING BLACK AND BROWN KIDS FROM THEIR PARENTS ALL ACROSS THE U.S.? If she can’t get away with producing more young separated kids for his ‘pedophile’ base at the border she will go and get them in their homes and hometowns after arresting their parents at work.. She is lower that a snake in a wagon track. Now we’re gonna be paying millions more to build NEW cages and detention centers in MISSISSIPPI! What a fuckin’ BITCH! Contest – name that next state – win nothing.. 😖😠😡

Published on Aug 8, 2019

In today’s issue of TIME Magazine, the focus is the mass shootings that have occurred in the United States and the main message is: Enough. Pulitzer Prize winning historian Jon Meacham and TIME Magazine columnist David French join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss why the president pivoting from grief to grievances is just scratching the surface when it comes to where we are.


  1. I’ve been shaking all day from anger – too angry to type- that people think this is a problem. 680 jobs is a hell of a lot of jobs and would reduce the Mississippi unemployment rate by 1%. Mississippi is 38% black. It’s the poorest state. They can’t care for the poor black and white children. Mississippi’s not on the border and no where near the border. Good jobs in construction, normally belonging to black workers, even more than whites, have been taken by Latinos, too. These raids have occurred in Mississippi in the 90s, in the 2000s, and now in the 2010s. For over a decade black Mississippians are walking everywhere in a way not seen in at least 55 years, and maybe never, because the immigrants stole their jobs and they can’t afford cars. There aren’t sidewalks; there’s little public transit, and the grass on the road is deep and surely full of disease carrying ticks and snakes. You don’t have to go far from any highway to see the grinding poverty, if you don’t believe in statistics. I try to write about these things, but almost no one even cares to read the posts. My Haiti and Africa posts are far more popular than the ones on Mississippi. It reminds me of post-Katrina, I got a group to agree to come sing for free at the church to raise money and all I needed was permission, but the church couldn’t bother because they were too worried about some trips to “poor countries”.

    What do you want them to do with the illegal kids? Doing a raid while the parents are at work and the kids at school makes more sense than beating down the doors. What you want ICE to do? Kick down people’s doors? Having the kids at school and illegals at work is the least traumatizing alternative. They tried to do it another way in another state and “activists” stopped them. They can’t notify churches or anyone about the raids or there are attempts to scuttle them. Unfortunately, they let most of them go. That’s the real con. These illegals may be back at work already. The processing center is in Jena Louisiana, not Mississippi. If people think that’s ok to leave the illegals, I suggest they drive through Mississippi sometime and see what poverty looks like. I suggest they tell everyone where they are supposed to go and how to afford it. I will remind you that people couldn’t evacuate New Orleans before Katrina because they didn’t have the means.

    Complaining about the raid is just going to drive everyone into the Republican camp, AND get Trump reelected. At the very least, people will sit home. He’s not the only seat up for grabs, you know. If you read the ICE bulletin they were handling the situation with kid gloves.

    That Koch foods company is anti-black and put black farmers out of business. I posted that yesterday to make the point. This is part of a larger operation, too. Yesterday I was too tired to write and today too angry. The way the Latinos like Castro are pretending both sides of the border are the same, I’m thinking maybe they should give the southwest back to Mexico. He’s a Stanford grad, so maybe we should talk about how he afforded it, or the ethics of paying that much for college, while people are so poor. He may be kin to Fidel who was from a rich landowning family. Apparently a large chunk of California was given to a Castro famiy. Maybe we should debate if the Rio Grande is a natural border? However, you can look at the census through the years and articles on genetic testing – Mississippi is African American, British and Irish, with some Choctaw remaining. Less than 100 years ago, it was half African American. There are some Vietnamese on the coast who came in as refugees.

    The victims in this story are poor black Mississippians and white ones, who have nothing to do with the Latinos who were transported in to steal their jobs. My mind is totally blown and going to explode that everyone is still lumping African Americans in with Latinos. The Latinos are brought in because Americans sometimes know their rights. And, racists prefer brown people to black people. I’ve never been anti-Latino, but the way everyone is pushing all this BS I am teetering on the edge of becoming anti-Latino. You know Miami so I guess you know that there were riots in Liberty City about Haitians taking African American jobs.

    The real prison colony is for poor black and white Americans who were transferred to the United States by force and have no right of return. And, if they did, they wouldn’t be allowed – at least the white ones aren’t. My ancestors were not slaves, but most were sent to America as prisoners – mostly of war. As Russell Means says, welcome to the reservation.

    And, maybe we should start talking about the Louisiana State Pen and the way they treat people there? I was going to do that, but I can’t do one thing, before something else crazy comes up. And, maybe we should talk about how 680 jobs might help keep some folks out of the state pen?

    • I know it’s crazy. I have traveled through the South I’ve driven across the United States no less than 20 times over 20 years I used to do it once a year that was sort of my annual get away from it all thing to take a drive across country. I’ve driven highway 90 highway 80 highway 70 highway 50 highway 40 highway 66 highway 10 and trans-canada number one. I have been to all 50 states, multiple cities in each state many times. and you’re exactly right in the South and it’s not just Mississippi it’s Louisiana it’s Arkansas Oklahoma and East Texas especially on the gulf it’s like living in medieval times when they had the king and his men and his earls and his dukes and then there were serfs who had very little work we’re not assisted by anybody and had to pay taxes on that. The whole South is a freaking mess from the Mason-Dixon line down all the way across to Oklahoma and East Texas Kansas even what a freaking nightmare. It’s always been that way it’s always going to be that way and now you have the stick in the mud call Latinos the new guy on the block. Like you said they’re willing to give up their rights to get the job something not even black people are willing to do especially after the packing house took away their farms and made them slaves again. you’re right the whole situation is completely f***** up. The surprising thing to me is all these shooters in the South that are shooting everybody are all what? WTF?

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