Hiroshima & Nagasaki only cities built on atomic bomb craters 74 Years As Human Guinea Pigs

74 years ago America dropped 2 nuclear bombs on civilian cities in Japan in effort to force a surrender from the Japanese during WWII. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN.. AMERICA DROPPED 2 NUCLEAR BOMBS ON CIVILIAN CITIES IN JAPAN IN EFFORT TO FORCE A SURRENDER FROM THE JAPANESE DURING WWII.. this year is NOTHING to celebrate and it turns my stomach that they have turned this mass genocide into an annual celebration! They don’t have celebrations every year of the Americans rescuing prisoners from the Nazi Concentration Camps; they don celebrate the Omaha Beach D-day attack on German troops; they don’t celebrate the Suicide Death of Adolf Hitler in the Bunker and they don’t celebrate the destruction in Poland of the V2 rocket launch sites; THEY ONLY CELEBRATE NUCLEAR!!! HELL, THEY DON’T EVEN CELEBRATE THE END OF WWII AND THE SIGNING OF THE TREATY-WHICH BTW JAPAN AND RUSSIA HAVE TO THIS DAY NEVER SIGNED!

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For 74 years nuclear scientist have studied the victims of nuclear bombing in Japan or as media likes to refer to them then as JAPS . Even today all the major university’s are studying the victims or as your loving nuclear scientist like to call them lab rats . On the 74 year anniversary I will show you what no one else has for 7 and a half decades the monsters behind the curtains .

The last day of the 2020 Olympics is the diamond anniversary the 75th Anniversary of the bombings . Dana Durnford on twitter https://twitter.com/DrDurnford

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